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Road Trip

Man, what a week. There has been a bit of drama about our future residence that had to be taken care of while on the road.  Couple that with some bad reviews I’ve found on this apartment complex and my stress level is through the roof right now.

Other than that our road trip has been great so far. My grandmother showed us her paintings that are displayed in a local art gallery. My dad kicked our butts at bowling and Skip-Bo, and Brandon and I butchered a song during karaoke night.  It was a wonderful but much-too-brief visit with our family in western Pennsylvania.

Road Trip
My grandmother’s beautiful artwork
Road Trip
Me and my pops

Yesterday we said goodbye to my family and headed to Gettysburg. We shopped around the downtown area and had our picture taken in Civil War Era clothing.  They even let Oso be in the picture.  It turned out AWESOME!  The photos were taken by Victorian Photo Studio and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who visits Gettysburg. We received an 8×10, some wallets and a CD of our photos that were in both sepia and color.

Road Trip
In the Civil War era people didn’t look directly at the camera but try telling the dog that!

We also took a self-driving tour of the battlefields of Gettysburg. To be honest, it was a bit boring.  It’s mostly grassy fields and memorials along the road.  For me  it’s hard to imagine a battle taking place where there is now farmland.  I would have enjoyed it more if we had visited during a reenactment.  The Cyclorama at the Gettysburg Visitor Center was the highlight of our trip and a must-see if you’re visiting the area.

Road Trip
The battlefield on the cyclorama
Road Trip
The battlefields of Gettysburg

Today we spent the day in Pennsylvania Dutch country and visited some Amish stores. We took a buggy ride to an Amish dairy farm and learned about their way of live. I discovered that the corn they grow is not sold but is used to feed the dairy cows and they sell the milk to Land o’ Lakes.  So if you ever eat Land o’ Lakes products it comes from Pennsylvania Amish country!

Road Trip
Baling hay in Amish country

All in all it was a great day. Tomorrow we drive straight through New York to Connecticut and then…our new home!

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