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If I had one word to describe 2017 it would be exhausting.  In the span of 12 months we’ve packed up our belongings, moved to another state, purchased a new house, spent a month in Costa Rica, and adopted a puppy.  In between all those major events I’ve been worn out by the political scene in America, stressed by the financial burden of home ownership and timid about making friends for me and Stink.  So exhausting is a damn fine word to describe this year.

Of course none of these life changes have been bad, they’ve just been a lot of process in a short amount of time.  Which is why Brandon and I decided to slow things down a bit for 2018.  We’re going to spend less time on an airplane and more time exploring the area around our new home.  Weekends will be spent camping or exploring Washington D.C.  Holidays will be spent with family.

So my word to describe next year is goals.  Goals of making our house a home, paying down all of our debt, and getting Stink ready to start kindergarten.  Goals also encompasses my need to ramp up my training for Everest Base Camp, the one major trip that’s happening in 2018.  I’ve slacked off way too much the past few months and with just over 100 days till I leave for Nepal I’m going to have to do better than that.  I’m also setting goals for my blog, to see whether it can generate money or whether I need to treat it more like a hobby and get a traditional 9-5 job.

And if we reach all of our goals in 2018 then we’ll be ready to tackle some more adventurous trips in 2019.  Kilimanjaro is on my solo list again and we’re brainstorming another multi-generational trip with my mom.  She’s already traveled with us to the U.K. and to Costa Rica and now we’re considering Ireland as the next big trip.  I would love so much to see the Emerald Isle again.

So bring it on, 2018.  I’m ready for you.

What word would you use to describe 2017?

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