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This past week I began making a list of articles to write for the Travel Fearlessly and it’s given me some direction as well as something to look forward to.  I began by going through all the places we’ve visited but as I went through our photo albums I realized that many of places we visited we have no pictures for.

Zero.  Zip. Zilch.

And since I’m one of those blog readers who thoroughly enjoys seeing pictures along with posts I decided to cross out all the ones that we don’t have pictures for.  So no post about our stay at Omni Hotel’s Mount Washington Resort.  No post about our Thanksgiving dinner at the Plimoth Plantation.  Neither place would have gotten a glowing review from me anyway but it still makes me sad that we don’t have pictures from many of our travels.

You see, I’m the type of traveler that enjoys living in the moment.  Therefore it takes real effort to pull myself out of my vacationer’s haze and take time to record it via photos and video.  When we took major trips like our ones to Peru I brought along a travel journal which helped immensely.  I often go back and read about our time spent in the Amazon and my journal entries help me to remember things that we did that I would have otherwise forgotten.  But the pictures are another story.  We took many but being a very amateur photographer my photos didn’t turn out that well.  It turns out the rainforest is a very difficult place to take quality photographs when you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.

So right now I’m going to start to make the conscious effort of taking more photos, better photos, while on our travels.  It won’t be easy with a toddler in tow but once I get in the habit of taking pictures I hope that it will become more natural for me.

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