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Brandon and I weathered the storm pretty well here in Connecticut.  While we didn’t lose power at our house we know a few friends who did.  There was no major damage in our area except some fallen trees and power lines.  Fortunately our small utility company is always on top of things so many people had their power restored within hours.  Brandon and I are taking the day off today to allow workers to fix the damage along the roads.  My commute to work is 40 minutes and who knows what those roads look like today.  It’s better to just give it another day before going into work.November is shaping up to be a very busy month for us.  The 6th not only marks Election Day but Brandon’s 30th birthday.  He always has the memorable birthdays.  Last year it was Daylight Savings time so he got a 25-hour birthday.  This year it’s Election Day.  Nothing cool ever happens on my birthday.  Bastard…

Anyway, about a month ago I scored a pair of tickets to the live taping of the Colbert Report on Brandon’s birthday in New York City.  We had been debating about whether to go since that would mean taking time off work on both days and not getting back home till 4 am but in the end we decided we’re going to go!  I mean, really, this is such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we’re pretty sure that Stephen Colbert is going to have something big planned for Election Day.  We’d be fools to miss it.

Before we see good ol’ Stephen, though, we’re making a day trip to NYC on Sunday the 4th to go see the Book of Mormon!  Brandon and I have been wanting to see this Broadway show for a long long time.  Since it’s possible that this will be our last year in CT we decided try and tick everything off our to-do list for New England.  Therefore Brandon’s “real” birthday present ended up being a pair of tickets to see the show.

For Thanksgiving we’re still going to the 17th century dinner feast in Plymouth, MA but we’re also taking a trip to Boston.  It turned out both of our employers gave us a four-day weekend and we didn’t want to see that go to waste.  So on Friday we’ll drive to Beantown with Oso to spend two nights at the Nine Zero Hotel in downtown Boston.  This hotel is one of the few dog-friendly establishments in the downtown area.  Dogs stay free of charge and Oso will even get his own doggie bed.  We can also request dog-sitting services for him while we’re out and about.  We plan on having a Saturday brunch at the Chocolate Bar at Cafe Fleuri as well as catch a performance of The Nutcracker with the Boston Ballet.  And maybe do a little walking along the Freedom Trail if we’ve got time.

We’ve still got plans to visit Vermont over the Christmas holidays but we (meaning I) haven’t done much research on where to stay or what to do so those plans are still in the works.  Our itinerary for our trip to England is pretty much finalized and now we’re starting to book the B&B’s and hotels that allow free cancellation (just in case!).

I really should find a way to do this full-time and get paid for it….

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