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This past May marked 5 years that we’ve been living in this house.  That’s the longest I’ve ever spent in one place in my entire life.  Sure, we lived in the same general area, but after a few years we always ended up moving, even if it was just across town.  Some people might hate that kind of lifestyle.  There were times when I envied the kids in high school who all knew each other from kindergarten.  But as an adult I’ve learned to embrace my wanderlust and now I find myself getting a little antsy to experience my next big adventure.

The problem is that I’ve got a while to wait.

Brandon was recently accepted to the University of Connecticut which means we’ll be staying in the area for at least 4 more years.  The good news is that there’s a 99.99% chance that we’ll be doing a study abroad in Germany as part of the dual major program that he plans to pursue.  So a summer semester taking classes and then (hopefully) the fall semester as part of an internship with a German company.  I’m hoping for fall because then we’ll get to experience Oktoberfest and the Christkindlmarkts of Germany.  Awesome sauce. 

Studying abroad won’t happen for some time because Brandon has to become advanced enough in the German language to be able to work as his internship so we’re thinking 2018 we will get to move.  That’s 3 more years in this house, in this town.  What’s a travel bug to do?

Travel of course.

So for now I’m (im)patiently waiting for our trip to D.C., then our trip to Europe next May.  Perhaps I can squeeze in a weekend trip to NYC to see the Christmas decorations.  I’ve always wanted to see NYC during Christmas. 

I’ve been participating in multiple rewards programs to try and earn enough rewards to be able to afford all this travel without breaking the bank.  The newest program I discovered is the Barclaycard Travel Community.  You can earn points by submitting stories about your travels, similar to a review left on TripAdvisor.  If you link your Barclaycard the points will be added to your account.  2,500 points roughly equals $25.  If you don’t have a Barclaycard you can still earn Amazon giftcards but at a much lower rate: only $5 per 2,500 points.  I’m also working on earning free Marriott Rewards through their PlusPoints program but that ends next month.  Still, every little bit helps and hopefully by the time we travel to Europe next May I’ll be able to pay off a significant portion of our trip with rewards points. 

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