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Between planning two major vacations and other adventures my mind tends to get a little jumbled.  That’s why I love my blog so much.  It gives me a chance to purge my thoughts out on screen and years from now I can go back and read my old posts to help me plan future trips.

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  • Ever since Disney announced that starting February 21st they will no longer be offering non-expiring tickets I’ve been considering buying a set for our family.  There were still some available on sites like Undercover Tourist but at $750 for a 10-day Parkhopper ticket it’s been difficult for me to click that button to actually purchase them.  So instead I opened up a new credit card with a $400 sign-up bonus.  I told myself if the tickets are still available by the time the card comes in the mail then I’ll buy them.  If not, well it just wasn’t meant to be.  Well it turns out the 10-Day Parkhoppers are gone and all that’s left are 5- and 6-day tickets.  Not sure what I’m going to do about that now.
  • Speaking of Disney, I’ve finally booked all my dining reservations, signed up for our Fastpasses and scheduled our days at the parks down to the half-hour.  Yea, I’m one of those detailed planners but at least it will ensure we’re not wasting our Fastpasses on rides that don’t have long wait times or we’re needlessly criss-crossing the parks 5 times in one day.  Our vacation is going to be heavily centered on character meets and family-friendly rides though I do plan to take our little thrill seeker on her first roller coaster ride, The Barnstormer.
Travel Updates
My crazy detailed Epcot schedule

  • Our second set of Magic Bands just arrived in the mail today, woo hoo!  Did you know that you get a free set of Magic Bands every time you stay at a Disney resort?  We received our first set in 2013 while staying at Old Key West and I just assumed that would be the only ones we would get.  Luckily they send out new sets because Brandon’s band was starting to fray around the edges.  The old and new bands will work interchangeably so we can bring both sets with us if we want.  We plan to leave Stink’s at home since she doesn’t need them yet.
Travel Updates
I would LOVE it if Disney came out with purple Magic Bands
  • Our European vacation is pretty much settled as well but I’m waiting on my new credit card to arrive to book our train tickets.  We are renting a car in Iceland but for our stay in Germany and France we’ll be relying solely on public transportation.  Aside from using the Metro North to get to New York City I’ve never used the train to get anywhere and I’m really looking forward to the mountain scenery of Bavaria, especially on our trip to Salzburg.  However I find myself not really thinking about our trip that much.  It might be because I’m so nervous about how Stink will do, especially on the flights.  Last year she was such a mellow baby but this year we have a full-blown toddler whose attitude can change at the drop of a hat.
  • I REALLY need to start planning our route around the Golden Circle in Iceland, especially since we won’t be renting a GPS with our rental car.  Don’t be surprised if I don’t manage to write any blog posts this week.  I’ll probably be perusing Pinterest all week for some Icelandic travel inspiration.
  • I received an email this morning that I had won a $100 Visa giftcard through a giveaway that Adventures by Daddy was hosting in conjunction with Enterprise Rent-a-Car.  How’s that for luck?!
  •  For all my upcoming vacations I’m really hoping to improve the quality of my photography so I’ve been reading the book “Better Photo Basics” by Jim Miotke.  It’s pretty easy to understand for beginners like me.  One of the “assignments” listed in the book is to take pictures of a bunch of flowers using the macro setting on our camera.  What do you think of my work?
Travel Updates
My original photo with no editing. I need to work on lighting


  1. Owen loved the Barnstormer when we went last year. It’s really a perfect first roller coaster ride, and fun for the parents, too!

  2. That’s so awesome! How old was he when he first rode it? I’ve been really pondering whether to take her on it because she will just barely meet the height requirement and I’m afraid of scaring the bejeezus out of her. But I guess we won’t know unless we try!

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