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It looks as though 2014 will be ending tonight whether I like it or not.  It wasn’t an especially good or memorable year, nor was it a terrible one.  It was just a year like any other, a year spent preparing for major transitions in our lives.  We did very little travel compared to other years but we made big plans for the future.

I’m finding it hard to believe that in a few days we will be celebrating Stink’s second birthday.  Christmas was a blast because she finally understood the joy of opening presents and I can’t wait to watch her experience that again but I also want my baby to stay a baby forever and it seems that with each passing day she ages at least a year or two.  Next year we’ll be celebrating her 13th birthday.

As the last hour of 2014 draws closer to an end I wish all of you a propserous New Year, in whatever way you wish to prosper 🙂

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