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This winter is shaping up to be a pretty good one in terms of vacations!

We just got back from our windjammer cruise and I’m already making plans for the rest of the year.  Next weekend Brandon and I will be partaking in our first murder mystery dinner and I’m stoked.  These events look like so much fun but I’ve never been able to find one near where I live.  The one we’ve booked isn’t exactly right up the road (it’s an hour and a half away) but it’s being held at a hotel so we’ve booked a dinner and accommodations package.  I actually convinced Brandon to dress up like a mobster and we just bought our costumes online.  Below is a picture of mine, sans gun. 

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Next up is Thanksgiving.  Brandon and I have tickets to attend a 17th century themed Thanksgiving Dinner in Plymouth, MA, complete with a sumptuous dinner, music, riddles, stories and even a 17th century toast (whatever that means).  Tickets for this annual event go on sale May 1st, that’s how popular this dinner is.  We booked ours over the summer and less than a week later they were sold out for our time slot.  To say I’m looking forward to it is an understatement, especially because it means I won’t have to cook! 

Brandon and I had planned on just going to Plymouth for the day and coming back home, unsure of my work schedule as well as Brandon’s.  But now I just discovered that my new job is also closed the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Now what kind of person would I be if I let those 3 consecutive days off go to waste?

So I’m tentatively planning a trip to Boston.  Oso will come with us of course and I’m hoping to have a Saturday brunch at the Chocolate Bar and also catch a performance of the Nutcracker.  Booking the trip will have to wait until the 1st of the month though, when Brandon’s schedule comes out.  It would be just our luck that he has to work over the holiday but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

And last is Christmas.  My workplace is shut down beginning Saturday December 22nd and I don’t return to work again until January 3rd.  What a lovely break!  We might choose to go visit family but they’re in Pennsylvania and Georgia, 8 hours and 16 hours away, respectively.  That’s a long haul, not to mention we went to both destinations last Christmas.  So Brandon and I thought about chopping the vacation in half, visiting family for one half and then taking a vacation for the other half.

But where to?

Vermont is still on our list of places to see, and people keep telling me I need to try skiing even though I’m clearly not physically fit enough to be on a pair of skis.  Brandon has no desire to learn to ski so he said he would be the official photographer.

Brandon sucks at taking pictures and I suck at being in them.  So that wouldn’t work out.

I’ve always wanted to spend the night in an ice hotel but the ones in Quebec aren’t open until January.  Bummer.

I guess there’s always New York City.  Lovely NYC, always the fallback plan when you can’t think of somewhere to go in New England.

I wonder if we can bring Oso on the Metro North…..

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