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When someone has the travel bug as bad as I do it can be hard to stick to a budget.  My desire for travel exceeds my funds and I’m left with making tough decisions: quantity or quality?

Right now our travel account has about $6,200 in it.  With that money I would like to take two week-long international vacations.  Unfortunately I don’t think I can stretch our budget that far, unless an international vacation involves a road trip to Canada.  Instead we could just do one long international vacation.  Our 2011 trip to Ireland cost us about $5,000 but I’m not sure if Stink is ready for 2 week holiday just yet.  A third option is to take one international vacation, about a week to 10 days, and then spend the remainder on long weekend trips around New England.

The more I think about it the more I feel that Option #3 might be the better choice for us.  I think it would give us the opportunity to get away more often, thus making me feel as though I’m traveling more even though the trips are only a few hours away from home.  If we took one long international vacation and spent all of our money then it may be years before we could save up enough to take another trip.

Let’s open up this topic for discussion.  What kind of vacations do you prefer: frequent inexpensive vacations around your local area or one big whirlwind adventure to somewhere new?

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