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The past few weeks have been spent half-heartedly planning various globe-trotting adventures over the next year.  I say half-heartedly because I don’t truly know whether we will be able to take them.  Brandon gets out of the military in mid-December and while I would like to take a vacation somewhere tropical, nothing is set in stone yet.  And since we only have a vacation budget of $6,200 at the moment, which I would like to split into two vacations, I can’t really plan the second vacation until I know how much the first one is going to cost.

I would absolutely love to take Stink to Ireland for our second trip but doing some cursory pricing made me recall just how expensive Ireland can be.  Holy cow, is it expensive!  I remember that a GPS on our last trip was a life saver but when you add that and a car seat to the price of a rental you can easily pay $700 for one week.  So  now I’m left with having to figure out how to make it all work, or find a more budget-friendly travel destination besides Ireland.

But that’s still the second vacation.  The first one would be tropical, ideally at an all-inclusive resort.  We are considering places like St. Lucia, Dominican Republic and Mexico.  Hopefully as it gets closer to December we can still get a pretty good deal on a vacation package, earn a few rewards points and put those points toward our big England/Scotland trip in 2016.  My mom and I are working hard at racking up points and it’s our goal to knock $1,000 off the price of lodging during our vacation. We’re still a long way off from earning that much but we’ve got 2 years (23 months but who’s counting?) to do it and I’m confident we can reach our goal.  But for now I’ll just hang out on the Trip Advisor forums and help others plan their vacations.  Can you tell I’ve got the travel bug?

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