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As parents we all want our family travel vacations to be memorable, educational and enlightening. But how do you plan a trip that your child is guaranteed to enjoy? By taking their personality and temperament into consideration. This article will discuss the 4 basic temperaments with travel suggestions designed to nurture each child’s interests.

The Choleric Child

The choleric child is go, go, go! Competitive and results-oriented this child loves any kind of challenge. And with their outspoken and assertive personality you should have no problem figuring out where they want to travel or what kind of activities they want to participate in. Choleric children are generally independent and enjoy activities such as sports or science.

Activities and Destinations to Explore

  • Hiking and backpacking: Grand Canyon, Inca Trail, Appalachian Trail
  • Snorkeling and surfing: Hawaii, Caribbean, Australia
  • Skiing and snowboarding: New England, Canada, Germany
  • Whitewater rafting: Nepal, Maine, Washington
  • Ziplining: Costa Rica, Peru, New Zealand

The Sanguine Child

travel based on child's personality

The sanguine child is a people person who enjoys encouraging others to work together. They are enthusiastic, optimistic and are easily excited. Sanguine children are spontaneous, sometimes even flighty, and can cope well with last minute vacation plans. Don’t waste your money on Broadway show tickets with a sanguine child; they won’t be able to sit still long enough to enjoy it!

Stink is a sanguine child. We choose popular family destinations like Disney World and Costa Rica so that Stink is almost guaranteed to meet a new friend. We also keep our vacation activities open-ended because we never know when she’ll be ready to move onto the next exciting thing.

Activities and Destinations to Explore

  • Theme parks and water parks: San Diego, Orlando, Cancun
  • Cruises
  • Family summer camps: Club Getaway (Connecticut), Tyler Place Family Resort (Vermont)
  • Big family reunions
  • All inclusive resorts: Club Med Punta Cana, Beaches Turks & Caicos

The Phlegmatic Child

family vacation ideas

Like the sanguine child, a phlegmatic child is a people person. However they focus more on harmony and close friendships. They are the peacemakers and enjoy service oriented activities. Phlegmatic children are agreeable, trusting and compassionate. They enjoy a quiet, routine life and are good at expressing themselves, sometimes a little dramatically. A phlegmatic child shies away from adventurous destinations outside of their comfort zone. They usually do not enjoy vacations that require moving to a new destination every day. Instead choose a central location for your trip and plan day trips and activities in the area.

Activities and Destinations to Explore

  • Volunteer vacations: Habitat for Humanity (worldwide), United Planet (Peru, Costa Rica, etc)
  • Theatre (musicals, ballets, plays): London, New York City, Sydney
  • Domestic travel
  • Eco friendly destinations: Costa Rica, Iceland, Norway
  • Vacations that visit the same destination each year: Caribbean, Ireland, United Kingdom

The Melancholic Child

travel based on child's personality

The melancholic child is a perfectionist who prefers routine over anything else. They tend to be introverted, serious and private. Melancholic children are usually the best rule followers and are careful in many aspects of their lives. They are not risk takers and are constantly fearful of making the wrong decisions. They are persistent, patient and would rather finish one task before starting another. If your vacation requires a schedule then your melancholic child will make sure you stick with it.

Activities and Destinations to Explore

  • Vacations that visit the same destination each year: Colorado, North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Cape Cod
  • Domestic travel
  • Camping (or glamping): Arizona, Maine, Washington
  • Behind-the-scenes tours
  • Winter activities (Northern lights, dog sledding, etc): Norway, Canada, Alaska

Each child is different and their personalities may change as they get older. But taking your child’s current emotional needs into consideration when planning a vacation will help ensure that it’s more memorable and less stressful.

What is your child’s personality type and what vacations do they prefer?

20 Travel Destinations based on Your Child's Personality.  Make your vacation unique and memorable by choosing destinations and activites based on your child's temperament #familytravel #travelinspiration

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