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popular Peruvian Foods

Peru is the only country so far that Brandon and I have visited more than once.  Whenever we have the opportunity to travel abroad we try to seek out new adventures and destinations but Peru is just one of those countries that keeps calling us back.  Perhaps it’s because it was the very first international […]

Travel Inspiring Quotes

This post is part of a mini-series about travel inspiring literature and media, perfect if you’re saving for your next trip. Cutting back in preparation for travel can be hard to do, so have a look at this Travelling tips guide on Westpac for ideas. Some people prefer to absorb their travel inspiration from books, others […]

Countries I want to visit

Traveling is an expensive hobby. There are only so many places around your town that you can visit, free or not, before you start dreaming about a “real” vacation, far away from home with exotic foods and landscapes. The problem is that money is not infinite and in our case it’s about to be chopped […]

On this day two years ago Brandon and I were boarding a plane at JFK to travel to Iquitos, Peru where we would spend 8 amazing nights in the Amazon jungle.  This is a little video montage from our trip.  It’s an experience I will never forget!!

As I’ve been reading other travel blogs lately I’ve come across a particular hatred for the use of bucket lists. Here and here are a few examples. Many writers say it’s because people tend to make a list of things they’d like to do without actively pursuing those goals to accomplish them. Others say it’s […]