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world walker puzzle review

I am not affiliated with A World Walker and received no compensation for this review.  All opinions are my own.

The more I travel the more picky I’ve become about what kind of souvenirs I bring home with me.  I used to buy all kinds of random tchotchkes that ended up collecting dust on shelves.  Now I limit my purchases to Christmas ornaments, consumable products (like soap, candies, etc) and World Walker puzzles.

A World Walker makes unique acrylic puzzles to chronicle your travel memories. The puzzles come in three different styles: Classic which has a matte wood-like finish, Crystal with a more transparent look, and Mini’s, a smaller version of the Crystal puzzle but with brighter colors.

world walker puzzle review
Photo taken by A World Walker but this is our Munich puzzle

When I first discovered World Walker puzzles a few years ago I knew this would be a long term collection for me.  I like puzzles, I like travel, I like hanging stuff on my walls.  So this was perfect!  I settled on the Crystal puzzles and love their look on my wall.  I can see how the Mini puzzles would be appealing to those pressed for space but with smaller puzzles comes less detail and the colors were just a tad too bright for me.

The layout is the same for the Classic and Crystal puzzles but is slightly different on the Mini’s.  The center of the puzzle includes a photo of your choosing along with the name of the city in which you visited.  The entire background of the puzzle is a map of the city.  If you’d like a prominent place to be highlighted then you can indicate that in your order and they’ll display it at the top of the puzzle.  For example, our Orlando puzzle has Magic Kingdom because our photo was in front of Cinderella’s Castle.

world walker puzzle review

Directly below the city name is a street sign listing the name of the country you visited.  In the bottom right corner you’ll find a pinpoint of the country’s flag.  On the far left is an optional space to include a short summary or quote with the month and year of your trip.

world walker puzzle review
The flag of Tanzania

world walker puzzle review

Good to Know: The two U.S. puzzles I have have slightly different street signs.  And some countries like Tanzania don’t have distinct street signs so World Walker does the best they can.  But in cases such as Paris or London the street signs on the puzzles are very accurate to what you’d see in those cities.

The puzzles you receive come with a flat back and need to be attached to the wall with some sort of adhesive.  We use the Scotch velcro squares and they’ve worked well for us.  None of our puzzles have fallen down but our Ireland puzzle snapped when we were taking it off the wall during a move.   It was our fault, we tried to pull it off too quickly.  The puzzles have to be removed slowly and gently, preferably with a flat utensil to help separate the adhesive from the wall.

world walker puzzle review

At first our World Walker project was just to highlight the major international vacations we’ve taken together as a family.  But since starting our collection we’ve expanded it a bit.  We decided to include US-based vacations, mostly large family reunions or places we’ve been to multiple times (like Disney World).  Then I decided to include Kilimanjaro even though that was a solo trip.  As our puzzle grows we’ll likely add Las Vegas, the city in which Brandon and I got married.

And that’s the cool thing about World Walker puzzles.  They’re not just for people who travel a lot.  You can get a puzzle of your hometown, your honeymoon, or the birthplaces of your kids.  Any place that has a special meaning to you can be made into a walker puzzle!

world walker puzzle review
I JUST realized that I have to take all these down when I paint my living room walls. Damn.

Our puzzle project has been the subject of many conversations when family and friends visit.  It’s also a great way to remind Stink of all the places we’ve visited and to keep those memories fresh in her mind.

The Verdict: World Walker puzzles are a unique and durable product that’s perfect for any traveler.  And at roughly $25USD per puzzle it’s budget-friendly too!

Good to Know: I started my puzzle collection with 3 puzzles from past vacations because I wanted to display mine on a wall.  If you’re only starting out with one you can purchase a small stand to display your puzzle on a shelf or desk until you decide to expand.

Ways to Save:  A World Walker has graciously agreed to offer a 15% discount to Travel Fearlessly readers on all their puzzles!  Simply use the promo code “trvlfearless” when making your purchase.

Walker puzzles are a unique way to display your favorite travel photos.  Read more for a review on these travel keepsakes #travelinspiration #giftidea #souvenir

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