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Brandon and I went to Niagara Falls over Labor Day weekend 2012.  It wasn’t a long trip, we only stayed a few nights, but it was enough time to see everything that we wanted to see at Niagara Falls, mainly the falls itself.  One evening we decided at the last minute to have a nice evening dinner at the Skylon Tower.  It’s similar to the Space Needle in Seattle because it has a rotating dining room with views of the falls.  Because it was a holiday weekend we knew that it would be crowded so we booked our reservation for 9 pm, thinking that it wouldn’t be so busy that late in the evening.Boy were we wrong.

We arrived at the tower early because dinner reservations include a free trip up to the observation deck of the tower and we wanted to see the sunset over Niagara Falls.  It was beautiful, though I was sorely disappointed when my camera ran out of battery power.  C’est la vie.

Skylon Tower restaurant
The view of Niagara Falls from Skylon Tower

When it came time to head down to the restaurant we were quite disappointed to be seated in a very crowded area of the restaurant.  In fact, it felt as though our table was placed in the middle of an aisle where waiters and waitresses needed to walk to serve other tables.  There were other tables on 3 sides of us situated very close together.  In fact, when the waitress came by to serve the table behind me she was bumping into the back of my chair because everything was so close together.  The table to the left of me was only about 8 inches away as well and we could hear our neighbors’ conversation, meaning they could hear ours as well.  Forget about having a quiet romantic dinner or any sort of privacy.  It just wasn’t going to happen at the Skylon.

I ordered the prime rib for dinner and was not impressed with the quality of the cooking.   The food was simply not good enough for the price we paid and the service was only mediocre.  It was a serious disappointment.

The Verdict:   I’m not very picky about restaurants but when I pay a high price for fine dining then my expectations go up too.  The Skylon Tower did not meet any of those expectations.  Only about 20% of the tables have a view of the falls.  I think we may have been better off eating elsewhere or eating at the buffet that the Skylon Tower offers.  The best part about the restaurant is the free trip up to the observation deck.

What to Visit:  The observation deck of the Skylon Tower is a wonderful way to see the falls and I suggest you take a ride up to check it out.  There are also many ice wine vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Our personal favorite was Inniskillin which I chose simply because it had an Irish name.  Ice wine is a dessert wine and may be too sweet for some people but it is my favorite wine.  You can also check out the quaint town of Niagara-on-the-Lake for some shopping.  There are grassy areas in many places for children and dogs to play as well as a walking path along the water.

Skylong Tower
Boardwalk in Niagara-on-the-Lake

When to Go: I’ve only been to Niagara Falls once and it was over Labor Day weekend.  While the weather was absolutely wonderful, it was quite crowded due to the holiday weekend.  I recommend that you skip visiting the area during this busy time.

Child Friendly?  There are two dining options to choose from: the revolving dining room and the buffet.  For children I recommend the more casual buffet option and if we were to dine here again that is what we would choose.

Pet Friendly?  No

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