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Today’s post highlights the best restaurant I have eaten at to date, Puerto Madero.  Brandon and I visited Puerto Madero on a weeklong trip to Cancun.  He had just returned from a 3-month deployment and this was our little celebration vacation.  I wanted to find a nice restaurant where we could have a quiet, formal dinner for one night of our trip.  I don’t recall how I came to find out about Puerto Madero but I’m so thankful I did.

Puerto Madero is a steak and fish restaurant with an Argentenian flare.  In Cancun they are located in the center of the main strip, about a 10 minute ride from our hotel which was on the north end of the strip.  The setting at the restaurant is semi-formal so you should plan on dressing appropriately.

Upon sitting down at your table, various waiters will stop by with huge cutting boards displaying the day’s selection of meats and fish.  At this point you can choose your cut of steak or fillet of fish for your dinner.  It was at this restaurant that Brandon tried his first (and so far, only) Kobe steak.  Kobe beef refers to a specific cut of beef from the Wagju cattle in Japan.  It is supposedly more flavorful and tender than beef from other cattle.  Recently I discovered that Kobe beef can actually only be found in Japan or certain part of Hong Kong so I’m pretty sure Brandon didn’t get authentic Kobe beef but rather a Kobe-style beef.

But first, the appetizers.

Brandon order a delicious clam chowder that came with a lattice-top bread cover.  The clams in the chowder arrived shell-on which helped enhance the flavor.  If you haven’t tried clam chowder this way you are really missing out.  I ordered a superb selection of the largest grilled shrimp I have ever eaten.  The appetizers were about $20 and so filling that they alone would have been enough food for us.  Unfortunately we didn’t realize the portions would be so generous and had ordered an appetizer as well as a main course for each of us.

We each ordered steaks for our main dishes, Brandon with his Kobe-style beef and mine with my plain ol’ beef.  I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between the two but Brandon swore his was better.  Enough to warrant an additional $50 in price between the two?  That debate goes on to this day.

We sadly missed out on dessert because we were stuffed to the gills after our appetizers and main courses  but I took advantage of a delicious coffee to end my meal.

Recently a co-worker of mine mentioned his honeymoon would be in Cancun and I insisted that he take his new bride to the restaurant.  He did and they both thanked me for it afterward.  If you’re looking for a nice meal on one night of your Cancun vacation, look no further than Puerto Madero.

The Verdict:  Brandon and I both agreed that we would visit Cancun again just so we could eat at Puerto Madero, it was that good.  I mean, it was so unforgettable that I can still remember what I ate at that restaurant and it’s been 3 years since we visited!  The bill wasn’t cheap, about $200 for two appetizers and two meals (the Kobe steak being $70 of that), but we didn’t mind the price so much for a once-in-a-lifetime meal like that.

What to Try:  If you’re a fan of seafood I’d recommend trying the clam chowder or grilled shrimp appetizers.  Both were outstanding.  In my opinion the Kobe beef steak wasn’t worth the extra price.  The standard steaks were cooked perfectly and that was good enough for me.  The portions are generous so if you’re a light eater or can’t take food back to your hotel then you might want to stick with just an appetizer or try splitting a meal.

What To Wear: This restaurant is the perfect reason to bring a nice dress with you on your Cancun vacation and get dolled up for the evening.  The atmosphere is romantic and simply the perfect way to end a wonderful vacation or celebrate a special event.  So go all out and dress to the nines!

Child Friendly?  Puerto Madero is one of the few luxury restaurants I’ve been to and while I’m sure they would accept children, I would not bring them there.  Instead I would suggest hiring a nanny or utilizing your resort’s daycare to enjoy a quiet evening out.

Pet Friendly?  No

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