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Captain Hook Dinner Cruise Cancun Reviews
At the time Brandon and I were vacationing in Cancun, Mexico we were fairly young and still childless.  As I do with every vacation I had planned a variety of activities for us to try: snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, a romantic dinner and…a booze cruise.
Technically the Captain Hook dinner cruise is a dinner cruise but there’s an open bar during the trip so drinking is involved.  Lots of drinking.  Brandon and I aren’t big partiers but I couldn’t resist booking a reservation on this pirate-themed dinner cruise.  I had read plenty of great reviews about Captain Hook and one thorough reviewer suggested tipping the waiter at the beginning of the cruise to ensure a steady stream of drinks throughout the night.
Sounds like a plan to me.

When Brandon and I boarded our ship we were given our first drinks (I stuck with rum and coke, Brandon enjoyed vodka and orange juice).  There were only 2 waiters for the entire ship of about 75 guests and they were very rushed to get everyone seated with a drink before the ship set sail.  When my waiter came back I tipped him $20 and we enjoyed watching some hilarious games that the crew organized with the guests.Captain Hook Dinner Cruise Cancun ReviewsCaptain Hook Dinner Cruise Cancun Reviews

Throughout the night our waiter kept visiting us frequently, providing us with fresh drinks before we were even finished with the previous ones!  Needless to say we were pretty tipsy by the time dinner was ready.  Brandon isn’t a huge seafood fan so we both ordered the steak dinner which was overdone and not very flavorful.  Did we care?  No, we had way too much to drink by then.  Should we have cared?  Probably.  The dinner cruise now offers chicken and vegetarian dishes which they didn’t have when we sailed so next time I would try the chicken instead.

After dinner the climax of the show begins with the meeting of another pirate ship and a battle between the two crews.  It’s complete with sword fighting, swinging on ropes from ship to ship and lots of yelling.  After the fight breaks up each ship goes their separate way and the deck turns into a dance floor for the rest of the evening.

Captain Hook Dinner Cruise Cancun Reviews

Our $20 tip went a long way for the night with our waiter seeking us out on the dance floor to hand us more drinks.  Brandon noticed that every time the waiter made his rounds there were only two drinks on his tray: mine and Brandon’s.  We had a wonderful night of partying and tipped the staff again at the end of the trip.  Taxis were conveniently located outside the marina to give drunks like us a ride back to our hotel.

The Verdict:  With the exception of the meal aboard the ship our cruise was excellent.  However we knew that we weren’t going for the food so our expectations weren’t exactly that high.  The price of the cruise is well worth it if you plan on drinking but for someone going just for the food and entertainment it is pretty pricey.

When To Go: We booked our trip in the middle of the week in December and while it was still crowded the weather was perfect with clear skies and a balmy breeze.  Cancun in December is so lovely!

Other Tips and Tricks: I’m going to pass along the secret I learned and say tip early in the evening!  With one waiter for every 30-40 guests you don’t want to be overlooked the entire night if you expect to get good service.

Child Friendly?  This is a bit of a trick question.  Children are welcome aboard the Captain Hook and we did see kids on our cruise but I personally would not recommend bringing children.  The only child appropriate part of the cruise is the pirate fight and to me that’s not enough to make it worth taking my kids.  Hire a baby-sitter and have a fun evening out or choose a more appropriate cruise without the alcohol.

Pet Friendly?  No

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