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What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this weekend than with chocolate?  Many moons ago, just a few weeks before Stink was born, Brandon and I spent a romantic weekend in Boston.  We stayed in the pet-friendly Nine Zero hotel in the heart of the city, attended a wonderful performance of the Nutcracker and dined at the sumptuous Chocolate Bar, the feature of today’s post.

The Chocolate Bar is a buffet-style dessert bar located in the Cafe Fleuri which is located inside Langham Hotel in Boston.  I heard about the bar from a friend of mine and knew that I simply had to visit.  A chocolate themed dessert bar?  I’ll take two, please!  Since the Chocolate Bar is only open on Saturdays we made reservations well in advance to ensure we could enjoy such a delicious experience.

Chocolate Bar
Delicious drink menu

Little did I know that the Chocolate Bar only serves desserts.  We arrived at the hotel late Saturday morning with empty tummies, assuming that we could order a small traditional breakfast before partaking in the chocolatey free-for-all.  Unfortunately this wasn’t the case.  When we were seated we were given a small drink menu but nothing more.  Perhaps I could have ordered something else if I had simply asked but we just went with the flow, ordered a few alcoholic drinks and a coffee and started at the buffet.

Chocolate Bar
My drink, a chocolate banana martini
Chocolate Bar
Brandon’s drink, a white coco martini

The Chocolate Bar buffet is easily the largest assembly of desserts I had EVER seen.  Cannolis, crepes, ice cream, pastries, and even a chocolate fondue station with fresh fruit.  Every dessert you’ve ever heard of and even some you never knew existed are all laid out in a decadent display.  My favorite non-chocolate dessert was a square puffy donut-like pastry sprinkled in cinnamon and sugar whose names escapes me.  Let’s just call it the square donut.  My favorite chocolate dessert was easily the single-serve chocolate lava cakes.  SO delicious.

Chocolate Bar
The delicious buffet
Chocolate Bar
The yummy chocolate fondue fountain

Despite being such a plentiful buffet Brandon and I simply couldn’t eat more than 2 plates apiece without feeling as though we would have a heart attack.  In hindsight I wish we had eaten a banana or cup of oatmeal before we had gone but it’s a lesson we learned if we ever decide to go back.

The Verdict:  The Chocolate Bar was an enjoyable but expensive lunch for us.  The 2015 prices for adults are $42 per person which is pretty steep considering the wait staff were not very attentive and the DJ was a little loud and annoying.  Still, I would consider going back if I had family visiting that wanted to eat here or for a special occasion with Stink.

How to Get There: Cafe Fleuri is located in the Langham Hotel on Franklin Street in Boston.  It was a walkable distance from our hotel but it is also just 1/3 mile from the New England Aquarium which has ample parking garages for reasonable prices.

What To Try: No visit is complete without stopping by the crepe station and chocolate fondue fountain.

Child Friendly?  Children are welcome to the Chocolate Bar and I’m almost positive that Stink could eat her weight in chocolate if she were allowed to roam free at the buffets.  Still, the prices are expensive for kids at $29 per child ages 5-12.  Kids 4 and under eat free so it’s for this reason that I might take Stink before her 5th birthday.

Pet Friendly?  Langham Hotel used to be a pet-friendly hotel but they no longer are.  We chose to stay at the Nine Zero Hotel which I highly recommend if you’re bringing Fido.

Chocolate Bar

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