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beardsley zoo review

With Connecticut being such a small state it’s no wonder that we only have two aquariums and one zoo.  Our state’s zoo is Beardsley Zoo in southwestern CT.  It’s about a 1.5 hour drive for us and the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, RI is actually a closer drive but we’ve been to both […]

Amazonia Expeditions

I’m blogging from the comfort of my couch tonight.  Perhaps I should be watching a more appropriate movie for travel blogging like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty or Eat, Pray, Love.  Instead I’m watching The Hunger Games.  May the odds be EVER in your favor. Today’s post is about an awesome tour company that […]

Travel Inspiring Quotes

This post is part of a mini-series about travel inspiring literature and media. Some people prefer to absorb their travel inspiration from books, others from movies. In this series I’m going to highlight my favorites from each of the following categories: quotes and poems, books, songs, movies, and television shows. Quotes and poetry were some […]

BF Clyde's Cider Mill

Fall is definitely my favorite season in New England and one of the reasons is because of apple harvest season.  Whether it’s picking apples, drinking apple cider, or enjoying the apple harvest festivals I just can’t get enough of the delicious fruit.  Brandon and I each have our favorite variety of apple (Honeycrisp for me, […]

Last year was Stink’s first Halloween and I had decided I wouldn’t take her trick-or-treating because what’s the point?  It’s not like she would understand what was going on.  But her older friends were going so at the last minute we decided to tag along and I bought her a simple cat costume because A) […]

Countries I want to visit

Traveling is an expensive hobby.  There are only so many places around your town that you can visit, free or not, before you start dreaming about a “real” vacation, far away from home with exotic foods and landscapes.  The problem is that money is not infinite and in our case it’s about to be chopped […]