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I always felt that I was a bubbly, outgoing person, at least throughout high school and college.  But as adult I’ve found myself to be much more of an introvert.  Maybe I was just faking it when I was a teenager, trying to be someone that I’m not.  Small groups are fine for me but I always end up being a wallflower at large parties, especially if I don’t know anyone.  So it took quite a big of courage, riding on a huge wave of impulse, to register for my very first conference, the Women in Travel Summit being held in Boston at the end of this month.

I found out about this conference through Ashley from Under the Ash Tree.  I’ve always wanted to attend a blog conference and this one just seemed to be the perfect one for a first-timer like me.  I mean, a travel blogging conference FOR women that’s only 2 hours away?!  It would be absurd to pass up an opportunity like this.But then there’s the little introvert problem.  After registering for the conference and booking my hotel I had a slight panic attack.  What if I don’t learn anything useful while I’m there?  What if I don’t form any lasting relationships with other bloggers?  What if I discover that my writing is even more terrible than I think it is?  What if the whole weekend just ends up feeling like an awkward blind date? 

But then I have to my mom has to give me a little boost of confidence and say What if I learn of ton of new tips to help improve my blog?  What if I meet a lot of new people and make friendships that last a lifetime?  What if my writing just needs a few tweaks to make it better?  What if the whole weekend ends up being a blast?

So from March 27-29th you will find me with 300 other like-minded ladies in Boston, participating in writing workshops, hearing stories from other travel bloggers and networking with dozens of companies.  I’m extremely nervous and excited all at the same time.

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