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Happy 2016, readers!  The end of last year was a bit rocky for me with back-to-back illnesses but so far 2016 has been smooth sailing.  We just returned from our first adventure of the year, Disney World.  It was a great family-centered trip with mild but sunny weather and while I’m so happy that Stink was able to celebrate her third birthday with the Mouse I have to say that I’m ALL DISNEY’ED OUT.  Brandon and I agreed that it’s time to take a break from Orlando so I think that 2016 and 2017 will completely Disney-free.  Stink will just have to satisfy her teacup-riding addiction with some smaller family amusement parks.

The fall was a bit rough for someone else in our household as well.  Brandon got a little burnt out from taking so many classes and though he passed all of them (some by the skin of his teeth) we had a long talk and decided it would be best if he dropped his German major and focused solely on engineering.  Unfortunately this means that we won’t be spending a year abroad in Germany.

It’s really for the best, though.  Despite Oso’s cancer diagnosis he’s been hanging in fairly well and a move to Germany would mean stressing him out with a long flight while having to find a new vet to keep track of his medical issues.  Not to mention the cost of living in a country where I’d have no job for a year.  I want to live abroad so badly but even I have to admit that the timing just isn’t right for our family.

I REALLY wanted to live in Heidelberg, Germany but that will have to wait
I REALLY wanted to live in Heidelberg, Germany but that will have to wait

That doesn’t mean that 2016 won’t be full of adventures though!  I’m heading to Tanzania by myself in less than 2 months and in May we’re all taking a 2-week trip to England and Scotland with my mom.  We’ve also got some plans to visit familiar places (NYC and Pennsylvania) as well as some new ones (Quebec City).  And that’s not including the spontaneous weekend getaways that we like to take throughout the year!  I think it’s fair to say that 2016 will our busiest travel year yet and I’m really looking forward to it!

What travel plans do you have for 2016?

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