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It’s been a hectic few weeks here.  Brandon is preparing to go out to sea for a short while and every time we think he’s leaving and Stink and I get ourselves ready to be a lonely twosome, things get pushed back.  A trip to visit my family has been postponed until he is for sure going to be gone.  I am looking forward to a little road trip though.

In the meantime I’ve been planning two trips, one domestic and one international, and this week I hope to start getting into the real planning phase of these two adventures.  The first trip will be a 3-night vacation to Washington, D.C.  Even though I’ve grown up on the East Coast I’ve never actually visited D.C.  I’ve driven through it plenty of times but spent any time there to wander around the National Mall, Arlington Cemetery or the White House.  December will be a perfect time for us to visit because by then Brandon will be out of the military but his college classes won’t start until mid-January.  I think 3 nights will be plenty of time to cover the things we’d like to see there but we may extend it by a day once I start researching all the attractions in the area.

Our second adventure is going to be a weeklong trip to Munich, Germany with a possible side trip to Austria.  Brandon and I would really like to visit Switzerland but we will be on a budget for this trip and since Austria and Switzerland are so similar when it comes to scenery we decided to go with the more budget-friendly Austria.  But first I will have to plan out the D.C. vacation to see how much money is left over in our vacation budget for Germany.  If there isn’t enough money to spend at least 6 nights in Europe then we might wait until we save up more funds.

So that’s what has been going on here.  I’m hoping to write more in this space in the coming weeks, once Brandon is gone and I have more time to devote to myself.

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