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And more specifically York, England.

I’m a planner through and through.  I plan out my vacations 6+ months in advance, picking out everything from hotels to restaurants to activities we plan on doing.  After all, it’s pointless to spend a night in a town if there’s nothing in that town that interests me.  So when my mom mentioned that she wanted to stay in York I started doing the research.

We were only going to be in York for one night as it really was just a stop-over in our drive from Edinburgh to Canterbury.  We picked out the one major attraction we wanted to see, the York Minster.  Then we picked 4 lovely B&B’s in the city that were all affordable and close to the city centre.

Little did I know that our stay in York was during a bank holiday and apparently every B&B in town requires a 2 night minimum stay for said holidays.

This usually isn’t something you see in America.  Sure, major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s have a minimum stay but not in all hotels and B&B’s.  Most places are just happy to take your money, no matter how long you’re staying, especially if you’re booking two rooms like we are.  So I figured that when our #1 choice turned us down it was just a bump in the road.

Until the next 3 B&B’s on our list turned us down as well.

I was getting a little annoyed at this point.  I was back at square one with our accommodations in York.  But never fear, there’s always Expedia.  You just pick your day and it lists all available hotels in York for a single night.  Perfect!

The Best Western near the York Minster was £131 for just myself and Brandon for one night, blowing our budget out of the water.  I didn’t have enough rewards points to get the room for free either, so I moved on.  I kept searching and finally came across another “hotel” listed on the website which looked more like a B&B.  Only $105 a night?! It sounded too good to be true.
And it was.
I looked on the “hotel’s” direct website and it stated that I could avoid a booking fee by reserving our rooms directly through them instead of booking through a third party website (like Expedia).  So I sent off an email with high hopes.
Rejected again.  Two night minimum.
This time I was pissed.  Why have your facility listed on Expedia as being available for one night when it’s really not?  What would have happened if I had just booked through Expedia without contacting the hotel directly about their availability?  The thing that really upset me was that only one of the six B&B’s I contacted in York indicated on their websites that they have a 2-night minimum stay for bank holidays.   
I ranted spoke to my mom and it came down to this: we either spend two nights in York and skip Canterbury, or spend two nights in Canterbury and skip York.  We decided that we’re skipping over York.  It’s unfortunate but I’m not going to waste any more time trying to track down a hotel or B&B that will accommodate 3 adults for a single night on a bank holiday.  Instead we’ll drive directly from Edinburgh to Canterbury, a long 8 1/2 hour drive, and spend two nights there.  
This is a perfect example of why I plan things in advance!

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