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month in costa rica

It’s been a while since I’ve written here but there’s been good reason for that.  We had a ridiculously hectic spring.  Brandon accepted a new job in a new state and we purchased a new home in said state while also packing up all our belongings to put into storage.  Our schedule was crazy busy, making our upcoming vacation in Costa Rica something I was REALLY looking forward to.

I have to say that it was one of the most refreshing vacations we’ve ever taken as a family.

Of course it could have been A LOT more comfortable if we had rented a house with air conditioning but it only took a few days for us to adjust to jungle living.  Every day after that was nothing short of an epic adventure.

Despite living between two tiny towns that lacked many amenities (like a bank or a gas station) we found plenty to do in this little slice of heaven.  We went snorkeling, swimming, and wildlife watching.  We took boat rides, visited a sugarcane farm, and learned how to make goat cheese.  We ate ice cream every day (because, hello, no A/C), played musical instruments at a local restaurant and shopped at farmers markets.  I had never seen Stink so happy on our travels before.

month in costa rica
Stink is learning how to feed a baby goat

This trip hasn’t been without its mishaps, though.  Brandon and Stink took a nasty tumble on the first day in town.  Stink hit her head on a rock and Brandon had multiple scrapes and bruises.  Brandon also had a fender bender with our car rental and Stink got her first urinary tract infection that required a trip to the doctor.  But all those situations were handled with ease and we found the local people of the Nicoya Peninsula to be extremely caring and helpful in times of need.

month in costa rica

My mom also joined us for a week, adding a little excitement to our relaxing vacation.  She and I went on a birdwatching tour and Stink showed her around our house, pointing out the army ants and our neighbor, Chuleta the pig.  Mom enjoyed herself so much that she’s thinking about taking another trip to Costa Rica, this time to the cloud forest!

month in Costa Rica

I love that we were able to truly get to know this little section of Costa Rica but I also kind of wish we had seen some other areas too, especially the cloud forest.  One thing is for sure, spending a 2 week vacation hopping between half a dozen towns is not how I want to travel any more.  It’s much better to stay in one or two places than to try and see everything in one trip!

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