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After much planning and researching today is the today that I finally booked our flights to Europe.  We will start in Iceland for 3 nights, flying to Munich for 5 nights and then end our trip in Paris for 3 nights.  I also booked our hotel in Munich but I’m waiting for my free weekend […]

While researching our trip to Europe next year I read an interesting bit of information about IcelandAir: if you book a flight directly through their website you can stop over in Iceland for up to 7 nights free of charge.  It’s like taking a second vacation without the extra cost of transportation.  And since we […]

I simply love planning vacations.  From picking the destination to researching hotels and activities it’s a big adventure to me, even before I step on the plane or set foot in my car.  To be planning two separate vacations is just double the fun. In December we’ll be taking a road trip to Washington, D.C.  […]

It’s been a hectic few weeks here.  Brandon is preparing to go out to sea for a short while and every time we think he’s leaving and Stink and I get ourselves ready to be a lonely twosome, things get pushed back.  A trip to visit my family has been postponed until he is for […]

When someone has the travel bug as bad as I do it can be hard to stick to a budget.  My desire for travel exceeds my funds and I’m left with making tough decisions: quantity or quality? Right now our travel account has about $6,200 in it.  With that money I would like to take […]

The past few weeks have been spent half-heartedly planning various globe-trotting adventures over the next year.  I say half-heartedly because I don’t truly know whether we will be able to take them.  Brandon gets out of the military in mid-December and while I would like to take a vacation somewhere tropical, nothing is set in […]