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Job hunting is the worst. Nothing is a bigger disappointment than rejection after rejection for jobs you think are a perfect fit. For the past 2 months that’s ALL we’ve been experiencing. Since this is Brandon’s first time job hunting I’m helping him out as much as I can. I’ve been researching the cost of […]

moving overseas

It’s been a rough week for me and while I have some half-written posts on my dashboard I’m not feeling inspired enough to finish them. I just don’t feel like pushing out happy, travel-inspiring articles this week. Just a few weeks ago I was perusing daily, telling Brandon I would be equally happy living […]

Travel Fearlessly

Happy 2016, readers!  The end of last year was a bit rocky for me with back-to-back illnesses but so far 2016 has been smooth sailing.  We just returned from our first adventure of the year, Disney World.  It was a great family-centered trip with mild but sunny weather and while I’m so happy that Stink […]

I’ve spent countless hours this weekend updating my Pinterest account and setting up a Facebook page for this blog and now I need a little relaxation in the form of writing.  Good thing I have awesome news to write about! Brandon and I have been planning for years to live abroad and about a year […]