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Ever since we moved to northern Virginia our travels as a family have significantly tapered off.  We’ve spent the last year exploring this new area of the US and saving up for bigger trips.  And while I’m headed back to Kilimanjaro with the Curvy Kili Crew in March I also wanted to plan a family vacation for 2019 as well.

So where do we ALWAYS end up going?

Disney World, of course!

Our trip to Disney was a practical decision.  We’ve got 8 days left on our non-expiring tickets that technically do expire.  Well, Stink’s does at least.  Her child ticket is only good until the age of 9 so we need to spend those 8 days in the next 3 years or we wasted all that money.  So for Stink’s first Spring Break we’re going back to the magical world of Disney.

I’m SUPER excited about this trip.  Not only will Stink be old enough to ride some of the more thrilling rides but her birthparents, Meg and Lino, are  joining us as well.  Meg has been to Disney World but not with an amazing Disney expert like myself so she missed a lot of stuff.  And Lino has never been so it’s going to be extra fun showing both of them the in’s and out’s of Disney World.  There’s going to be SO MUCH DISNEY MAGIC!!!

We’re staying at the Port Orleans Riverside again because I just loved it so much the last time we stayed there.  It’s like the perfect Disney resort, moderate resort prices with deluxe resort amenities.  And the light-up headboard in our hotel room just adds to the Disney magic.

Our itinerary isn’t packed to the gills this time around.  Instead I’m going with a more relaxed approach with plenty of opportunities to lounge at the pool or go marshmallow roasting.  Our current plans are to spend a half day at Blizzard Beach (our first time visiting a Disney waterpark) and a full day each at Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  And since Meg and Lino are huge Harry Potter fans we’re going back to Universal Studios.  I will never turn down an opportunity to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Meg and I are also scheming to do a little Disney cosplay while we’re at Magic Kingdom.  Costumes aren’t allowed in the Disney parks so we’re using a new technique called Disney Bounding.  It’s the concept of using everyday clothes and accessories to dress like your favorite Disney character.  Our whole gang has picked a movie (it’s a surprise!) and we’re all dressing as different characters from the movie.  Although Stink is less than thrilled with her assignment, I think we’re going to have to get creative with her.  Like I said, SO MUCH DISNEY MAGIC.

We’re also going to introduce Stink to Disney pin trading.  I myself have never done it before either so it’s going to be a fun activity for all of us to try.  If you’re a pin trading expert and have any tips for us please let me know!

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