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Ohana Character Breakfast Review
During our first trip to Disney World with Stink we made reservations for a character breakfast at Disney’s Polynesian Resort in Orlando, FL.  Our entire family went so it was a party of 11 adults and 3 kids and that required a bit of coordination.  My aunt and uncle live in Orlando and made the reservations for us so they had to be the ones to check us in at the restaurant.  The reservations are pretty strict and after they were almost 10 minutes late showing up we risked missing our reservations.  I made a mental note to always be punctual to any future Disney reservations.Upon check-in you’re escorted over to a tiki-themed hut for a photograph before being led to your table.  If you purchased a Disney Memory Maker then this is the photo that’s included with your package.  I admit that I was pretty disappointed in the posed photo section; I had hoped to have our pictures taken with the characters at the hut.Ohana Character Breakfast Review

The restaurant has a distinct Polynesian theme to it and we were greeted warmly by the staff before being seated.  The breakfast is all-you-can-eat style with foods like the classic Mickey-shaped waffles, tropical fruits, scrambled eggs, and fried potatoes.  The juice that was served was excellent and Stink really enjoyed having a taste.  All the food is brought to your table hot and fresh and is replenished quickly.

During the meal each character comes out separately and makes their rounds, greeting guests, signing autograph books and posing for photos.  Again I was disappointed in the photo opportunities because I had purchased a Memory Maker so I had gotten used to the idea of having Disney photographers around to take our picture with characters.  This isn’t the case with the ‘Ohana character breakfast or any other character breakfast for that matter.  The only character photos you get are the ones taken with your personal camera.

Each character comes around while being led by a Disney cast member but they aren’t photographers and didn’t offer to take our pictures.  I’m sure they would have if we asked but our party was large enough that we could get someone else to do it.  Our meal involved a lot of getting up, autographs, shuffling cameras around for pictures, then sitting back down for a few bites to eat before the next character shows up.  We met three characters: Lilo, Stitch and Pluto but the Disney website says that the characters are subject to change.  Stink loved all the characters, especially their noses, but all our pictures looked a bit awkward and I wish we had taken the time to take better pictures.

Ohana Character Breakfast Review

Aside from meeting the characters there is a short ‘Ohana Family Parade that the kids can participate in.  Everyone is given musical instruments like maracas and they march around the restaurant to sing and dance.  It was a great experience and Brandon even carried Stink around so she could participate.

Ohana Character Breakfast Review

The Verdict:  At $29.99 per person the ‘Ohana breakfast is reasonably priced (especially for Disney) and the food is fresh and delicious.  The only downside is being interrupted every 5 or 10 minutes for character meets and the parade which led to our food getting cold before we could finish it.  It would be nicer if the characters did one round together so we could enjoy our meal while the food was still hot.  With that said, I would still do a Disney character dining again but next time we would let Stink choose so it may or may not be the ‘Ohana breakfast.

How to Get There: The convenient thing about the ‘Ohana character dining is that the Polynesian Resort is on the resort monorail line so it’s an easy ride from any of the Disney resorts.  We chose to drive from our resort (Old Key West) and parking was free.

Other Tips and Tricks:  The ‘Ohana character dining is pretty popular so reservations should be made well in advance and be sure to show up early!  Also, if you would rather enjoy your meal while it’s hot you can always meet the characters, have them sign your autograph book and then take pictures after you’re done eating.  Once the characters make their rounds to all the tables they hang out for a bit in the restaurant for guests to meet again and take additional pictures.  For us it was a great opportunity to take a large group photo because by then everyone was done eating.

Child Friendly?  Is anything at Disney NOT child friendly?  Stink was only 11 months old when we did the ‘Ohana breakfast but she still thoroughly enjoyed it.  Her food options were limited to the scrambled eggs and some fruits so we made sure to bring baby food along to fill her tummy.

Pet Friendly?  No

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