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Have you ever signed up to view a timeshare presentation because the perks they offer sound so good?  I almost did…and then chickened out.

It all began when I discovered a timeshare deal for a resort in Orlando, FL.  The deal included a 3 night stay in Orlando, two 1-day tickets to an amusement park of my choice (Disney, Universal or Sea World) as well as a 2 night stay in Daytona Beach, all for $198.  All we had to do was listen to a little 90-minute timeshare “presentation” highlighting the resort’s amazing features.It seemed like an awesome deal so I went ahead and signed up knowing that we could cancel in the next 7 days if we needed (or wanted) to.  After reading the reviews of the resort and discovering that we technically didn’t qualify to take advantage of the deal we decided to cancel.  Even though we met the minimum salary requirements we didn’t meet the employment requirements (you can’t be a full-time student or unemployed).  The salesperson gave me a really hard time about cancelling and eventually I got a call from the manager at the resort who told me that we could just say we were employed and still take advantage of the deal.  I couldn’t take his word for it because there was a glaring clause in the terms that said we could be charged $350 plus the regular package rate if it turns out we were unqualified participants.  All in all it took a few days for the cancellation to be confirmed but it left me with a huge desire to take Stink back to Disney World.

Disney Memory Maker

This was the part I was struggling with a few days ago: making the decision to spend our savings on something that made us happy versus hanging onto it in the off-chance we would need that money decades down the road.  Eventually I talked myself into it and began booking the trip.

This Disney trip is going to be almost a mirror-image of our trip last spring- one day each at Universal, Epcot and Magic Kingdom- with a few different tweaks.  First we plan to stay in a Hilton that’s within walking distance to Universal with a park-to-park ticket so we can visit both of the Harry Potter parks.  I am INCREDIBLY excited to visit the new Harry Potter theme park.  My eyes start leaking just thinking about riding on the Hogwarts Express.  Second we’re staying at Disney’s Beach Club Resort instead of Shades of Green.  Now that Brandon is out of the Navy our military discounts are a thing of the past.  Third, this will be our first trip to Disney World as a threesome.  Both prior trips included other family members so I’m excited to make this trip mostly about Stink (with the exception of Harry Potter of course).

I’m a little nervous to be going during the busy month of March when spring break crowds like us flock to Orlando. Still, I’m hoping that by signing up for Fastpass+ and steering clear of the more popular thrill rides that we’ll have a third Disney vacation under our belt.  Now I just have to wait 2 more months until that happens!

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