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It’s only been 3 short months since we made the trek south to spend a wonderful week at Disney World and now I’m planning a return trip for the end of April.  We purchased 4-day Parkhopper passes through the military which are only good for one year so our admission to the parks will be free, plus I’ll be taking advantage of a great deal at the Shades of Green military resort.  The nightly rates for our trip will only be $105, including taxes and fees!  This is an incredible deal for a Disney resort.

My grandparents will be joining me and Stink (Brandon will not be able to come this time) and we plan to visit Epcot along with a trip to Universal Studios to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  I went to WWHP for my 30th birthday 3 years ago but it was during the summer and very crowded so I only managed to ride The Forbidden Journey once, shopped in a few stores and ate at The Three Broomsticks.  This time I’d like to go back to ride the rides a few more times, visit places I didn’t before like Ollivander’s and The Owl Post and of course, eat again at The Three Broomsticks.

As for Epcot, I haven’t been to this park since I was in a high school and I barely remember anything about that trip.  We will be going during Epcot’s International Flower & Garden Festival and I’m told that it’s a great time to visit.  I’m excited to visit all the countries and hopefully Stink will be able to meet a few more furry characters; that’s what she enjoyed most about her last trip.

On our last Disney trip my sister and I researched the crap out of everything, creating scheduling and riding the rides virtually through Youtube to see what would be appropriate for our kids.  This time around I’m more relaxed about it and will probably just make a cursory plan of things I want to see at Epcot and Islands of Adventure.  I’m always open to suggestions, though!

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