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washington DC itinerary

Things have been incredibly hectic in our house.  My sister and nephew came to visit last week for a last-minute trip before it got too cold for their warm Southern blood.  I also got a seasonal retail job which has been zapping me of all my energy.  Good thing Brandon is no longer working and free to take care of Stink all day.  We signed up for a few annual memberships to keep us busy and Stink is now officially a passport holder.  I can’t wait to start filling it up with adventures!

I’ve also finished up our itinerary for Washington D.C.  Our original plan was to stay 3 nights but extended it to 5 days at the last minute.  Even with those two additional days, though, we’re still unable to see all the attractions in the D.C. area and had to make some choices.  So without further ado here is our finalized itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive, visit Smithsonian National Zoo’s Zoolights in the evening

Day 2: Visit Smithsonian National Zoo (in the daytime!) and visit historic Georgetown

Day 3: Tour the White House in the morning, visit National Air and Space Museum in the afternoon

Day 4: Visit Union Station, National Postal Museum and Library of Congress in the morning and take a tour of the US Capitol in the afternoon

Day 5: Spend the day at the National Mall (Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial)

We’re making this a pet-friendly vacation since Oso rarely gets to travel with us anymore.  Most of the time he will have to stay at the hotel but the National Mall is pet-friendly (provided you don’t bring the dogs up the steps of the memorial) so he’s coming with us on that day.  He might also join us for the jaunt around Georgetown.

I’m really looking forward to our little vacation and hope the weather cooperates for us!