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Windjammer Cruise

October 6th is our 5 year anniversary.  Brandon and I really wanted to do something special this year because A) it’s the 5 year anniversary and B) Brandon goes back to sea duty next year with regular deployments so this may be the last anniversary we get to spend together for a while.We thought about doing a variety of things.  We wanted to go to Vermont since that is the only state we haven’t visited here in New England but unfortunately our anniversary falls during peak season in Vermont.  People from all over the world come to visit New England to see the fall foliage during October.  Of course since we got married in Vegas we never took this into consideration.  We did spend one anniversary in New Hampshire so we saw the fall foliage, been there done that.  We just wanted to see Vermont.  We also thought about going to NYC for the weekend to see the Book of Mormon.  Tickets are unfortunately $200 a piece and they were booked on our anniversary weekend anyway.

But the thing we really wanted to do was a Maine windjammer cruise.  Believe it or not, a 3 night cruise is actually cheaper than spending two nights in Vermont during October or spending one night in NYC with Broadway tickets.  Still, the cost of going is around $1,000 for two people so I was hesitant to book it because I was recently laid off.  In the end I got a new temp job so we decided to go.

So next Friday Brandon and I will be driving up to Camden, ME to sail aboard the Angelique.  It’s the very last cruise of the season and we were lucky to find a ship that sailed on our anniversary weekend.  Most ships sail their last cruises in September.

Windjammer Cruise

We’ll spend 3 days sailing up and down the Maine coast, coming ashore to a small island to have a lobster bake one night.  We are so excited.  Brandon wants to learn to how to crew but I think I’ll be happy just bringing a book with me and relaxing on deck.  We’re also going to bring some ice wine with us from our recent trip to Niagara Falls.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a wonderful anniversary trip!

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