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Women in Travel Summit

A few weeks ago I posted about a blog conference I discovered, the Women in Travel Summit. I had some fears about it, especially in the few days leading up to it. Mostly I was nervous about showing up to the conference only to discover that everyone already knew everyone else and I would just end up being a wallflower who’s too uncomfortable to introduce herself. I just don’t do well around cliques.My actual experience ended up being nothing like that.There were so many women who, like me, were attending their first blog conference. Most of them were bloggers, some were businesswomen and a large handful were just world travelers looking for some tips and inspiration. I met quite a few from each of these groups.

Women in Travel Summit
Gettin’ my WITS on!
Women in Travel Summit
Meeting the locals with my new WITS friends

The conference included workshops that followed three different tracks: the Blogger Track, the Entrepreneur Track and the Traveler Track. I attended workshops from each of these but mostly stuck to the Blogger Track. Workshops focused on such topics as improving your blog’s SEO, learning about press trips and volunteer travel, and ideas for travel blogging when you’re not traveling. It was tough at times, having to decide between 3 great workshops going on at the same time, but I learned something new at each one I attended and I met some wonderful women and networked with quite a few companies too. On the subject of SEO, this is something that can really help you reach more internet users by boosting your rankings on Google’s search results. You may find the services of somewhere like this Cannock SEO company can be successful in driving more traffic to your website.

Women in Travel Summit
One of my favorite workshops: How to Be a Travel Blogger When You’re Not Traveling

During the summit we had the opportunity to visit booths set up by the 3 finalists for next year’s travel summit destination. Each booth would stamp our WITS “passport” which gave us 3 votes to choose our favorite destination. The 3 finalists were Branson, Missouri, Irvine, California and Dunedin, New Zealand. And the winner is….

Women in Travel Summit


On the outskirts of L.A., close to Disneyland as well as San Diego, how I wish I could go to Irvine for next year’s Women in Travel Summit! I’m not sure if my schedule will allow it though. Between running a half-marathon in February and taking my mom to England in May my schedule and finances might not permit me to fly cross-country for this event. But it will definitely stay on my radar in case I do get the chance to go. I’ve also got The New York Times Travel Show on my calendar as well which is held in January. So many things to look forward to next year!

Women in Travel Summit
Photo by Kayti Burt/Women in Travel Summit by Wanderful

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time at the conference. I’ve never attended one but really want to in the future – they are a great way of learning and meeting new people!

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