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Travel Fearlessly summer recap

I feel like I’ve neglected my tiny little space in the blogosphere but this summer has certainly kept us busy.  I signed Stink up for a summer preschool program that left me both nervous and excited.  She had never been to preschool or daycare and I was worried there would be attachment issues.  When Brandon and I dropped her off on the first day and she ran into her classroom without waving goodbye I knew that she would be alright.  Today was her last day at school and I’ve already signed her up for the fall.

Family outings have kept us active too.  This past winter was hard on me and I think I may be prone to seasonal depression so this summer I was determined to get outdoors as much as possible.  We went whale watching, berry picking and visited some great family amusement parks around Connecticut.

When you give a Stink bucket duty you go home with no berries
When you give a Stink bucket duty you go home with no berries

The highlight of our summer, though, was a week spent with family in western Pennsylvania.  Stink met some family members for the first time and we organized a huge reunion that included people I hadn’t seen in 20 years.  We celebrated birthdays, reconnected with family and friends and made plenty of memories. It was a perfect ending to our summer travels.

Family Reunion(1)

As I look back on the past 3 months I’m reminded of the real reason I started this blog: to share memories of our past adventures as well as our hopes and dreams for future ones.  Unfortunately my writing hasn’t really reflected that.  Much of it has been reviews about places we’ve visited or general tips on family travel.  While that’s great for my readers it’s not really beneficial to me.  By the time I’m done writing those posts I’ve got no energy left to write about what really matters, our memories.  After a few months go by those memories start to fade until I’ve almost forgotten how a place made me feel or the way Stink reacted to a new food or experience.

Travel Fearlessly summer recap

I want to change that, starting today.  I want to transition this blog back to a more narrative writing with just a smattering of posts about reviews and other topics.  I want my life to focus on making memories and my blog to focus on preserving them.  There’s a lot that we have planned for the next year, adventures that have me both excited and panicky and I hope you, my dear reader, will stick with me for the ride.  I promise it will be a good one!


  1. Even if you didn’t document everything this summer, it looks like it has been such a fantastic one for you and your family. It certainly sparked something on your creative side, too. I love this new attitude about making memories on your blog! I am looking forward to following along!

  2. I love the caption under the picture of Stink holding the blueberry bucket! I can relate. I will be hear, following along, and living vicariously through you.

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