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Election 2016

It’s well after midnight and I’m typing this as I watch America’s election unfold on television.  As it stands Trump is set to become the next president of the United States and all I can think is WHAT.THE.FUCK.

I had no idea there were this many citizens in our country who thought Donald Trump would be good for us.  No idea that so many people believed in his policy (however unclear that is) or in his rhetoric.

In a few hours, as the world wakes up to our terrible mistake, I implore you to please not hate us.  So many of us did not want this to happen.  Millions of us voted for a different kind of future and are just as surprised as you are that our votes were outnumbered.

The Americans you meet in your home country are likely not Trump supporters.  Trump supporters rarely venture outside our country, believing that the US is still the best nation on earth.  They’ve never bothered to immerse themselves in another culture, wholeheartedly convinced that the “American way” is superior.  They’ve never bothered to learn new languages, confident that everybody in the world should speak English.  It’s a scary notion for sure.

But the Americans who travel extensively tend to be more open minded.  They embrace cultural differences and accept the fact that some countries run things better, whether it’s healthcare, taxes, education or conservation.  They take time to learn languages and respect customs of a foreign land.  When you wake up tomorrow please don’t hate these travelers that you might encounter over the next few months, and please don’t judge us as a whole.

I believe, I HAVE to believe, that there are enough of us to ensure that our future president does not become a dictator.  I HOPE that Trump will realize that as president it’s his duty to serve and protect all citizens regardless of race, gender or religion and will step up to the plate.  I KNOW that everyone who voted today did so with only the country’s best interests at heart.  It’s just that so many of us can’t agree on what that is.

As for me, I’m going to wake up tomorrow and try to be the best mom I possibly can.  I’m going to raise my daughter to love unconditionally, to open her mind to new possibilities and to ALWAYS treat people with kindness.

I’m also going to start researching job opportunities overseas.

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