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Countries I want to visit

Traveling is an expensive hobby. There are only so many places around your town that you can visit, free or not, before you start dreaming about a “real” vacation, far away from home with exotic foods and landscapes. The problem is that money is not infinite and in our case it’s about to be chopped in half as we learn to live on a student’s budget.

That doesn’t prevent a girl from dreaming though! Our passports expire in 2018 and I’m determined to get a few more stamps in them before we have to re-apply. Ireland had always been my “dream destination” and in 2011 we finally made that dream come true but here is a list of 5 more countries that I would like to see during my lifetime. None of them will happen in the immediate future, we’re visiting other countries first, but I’m hopeful that one day we’ll get to see them all.

5. Norway

Brandon and I saw the beautiful mountains of the Inside Passage in Alaska but I’m sure those would pale in comparison to the fjords of Norway. One of Brandon’s longtime desire has been to see the Northern Lights and Norway would be a perfect place to do that. I would love to visit the towns of Oslo, Bergen and Tromso.

Countries I want to visit
Image courtesy of [carlo cravery] via Flickr Creative Commons

4. Tanzania

An African safari has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. Like a trip to the Amazon jungle it is one that would take considerable planning and funds. It’s also a trip that would best be taken when Stink is much older and can appreciate seeing such animals in their wild habitat.

Countries I want to visit
Image courtesy of Larry Johnson via Flickr Creative Commons

3. Japan

There are SO many things I want to see in Japan: the cherry blossoms, Mount Fuji, the bullet train, and ancient Buddhist temples. Japan is such a beautiful country and the history is intriguing. The problem with a trip like this is that Japan is very very expensive because the American dollar doesn’t go very far there. This is a trip that might be too pricey for us to do to the extent that I want to, but I would be happy with a shorter version.

Countries I want to visit
Image courtesy of Moyan Brenn via Flickr Creative Commons

2. Costa Rica

Pura Vida! Last year when Brandon and I were planning Stink’s first international trip Costa Rica was one of the contenders because I had heard it was so family-friendly. In the end we decided to wait until she was a little older to take her to the rainforest. For us Costa Rica is a closer and more budget-friendly alternative to the Amazon jungle of Peru and we’ve heard that it’s more child friendly too. I think Costa Rica would be a great introduction to the rainforest for Stink and a new destination for all of us to explore.

Countries I want to visit
Image courtesy of Arturo Sotillo via Flickr Creative Commons

1. New Zealand

Brandon and I are big “Lord of the Rings” fans so part of the reason I want to visit New Zealand is to visit the tourist trap of Hobbiton. However the other part is to see the varied landscape of New Zealand, from the mountains to the rainforest to the coast. Like Japan, though, this would be an expensive and long trip, and would take some serious planning. With that being said, you may want to visit Christchurch in a camper hire if you think this will make everything easier and a lot less stressful.
But like all things that require some effort I’m sure it would be totally worth it.

Countries I want to visit
Image courtesy of Trey Ratcliff via Flickr Creative Commons

And there you have it. The top 5 countries I would like to visit, if money were no object.


What countries would you visit if you had the time/money/ambition?

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  1. New Zealand is absolutely amazing! I spent 5 weeks there and would love to go back. You’re totally right about Japan having so many things to see – my sister’s boyfriend is Japanese and they’ve been planning a trip for years, but still can’t decide exactly which season to visit in! I’ve spend several layovers in Japanese airports (including 6 hours this past Tuesday) and even that was pretty enjoyable. We’d love to visit Norway and Costa Rica, too. They both look so beautiful. Am I allowed to count Alaska as a country I’d like to visit? We’d also really like to go to Peru.

    Visiting from Blog Brilliantly!

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