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This is my little travel blog directory, a list of my favorite bloggers whose adventures I enjoy reading. Living vicariously through other bloggers is a habit of mine when budget and time restrictions don’t allow for travels of our own!

General Travel Blogs

The Everywhereist– Geraldine is a hilarious writer and together she and her husband Rand travel the world.

Nomadic Samuel-Sam is an experienced world traveler and this is his blog. His wife writes on her own blog as well, That Backpacker. Sam also has an extensive travel blog directory under his “Contact” page, if you’re looking for more travel blogs to read!

Roaming Nanny– Retha the roaming nanny writes about adventure travel and mostly solo travel. I met her while hiking to Everest Base Camp and she and I quickly became friends. In March 2019 we’re going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro together!

That Backpacker– Audrey, wife of Sam from Nomadic Samuel, writes about their world travels on her blog

Travelaine– Elaine is a fellow blogger I met at WITS ’15. She writes about her hometown of Washington D.C. and other worldly travels

Travel Morgan Travel– Morgan, a gal in her early 20’s from Georgia, spent a year living abroad in Ireland and is now back home and traveling the US.

Family Travel Blogs

Around the World “L”– Lillie is a fellow New England mom who blogs about their various family travels

Solo Mom Takes Flight– Sarah is a Canadian writer who blogs about her adventures traveling solo with her kiddos.

Suitcases and Sippy Cups– Jessica, a mom of 4 boys, is the main writer on this blog but recently introduced a new contributor too

The Three Under– Farrah is a mom of 3 boys, an American expat currently living in the Netherlands. Her family adventures focus on Europe and are really inspiring for our future travels over there!

The Travel Hack– Monica is a UK-based travel blogger who just became a new parent in March 2015!

Expat Travel Blogs

1Dad1Kid– Talon Windwalker and his son Tigger are traveling the world as a pair, currently in the US after hopping around Europe

Adventures of a London Kiwi– Emma is originally from New Zealand but is living in London with her British husband

Alkeks Abroad– Courtney and her husband Travis moved from Texas to Australia in 2014 and write about their adventures

Arrows Sent Forth– Nicole is an American expat living in England with her husband and 2 young boys

The Everyday Journey– Amelia and her family are expats in Mexico, homeschooling and worldschooling their kids

Gringos Abroad– Bryan and Dena are Canadians who have been living in Ecuador since 2009

Oh God, My Wife is German– Probably one of the funniest travel blogs I’ve ever read. As the title implies, the writer’s wife is German (he’s American) and they live together in Hannover

Unlocking Kiki– Kaelene is an American expat who’s been living in Iceland for 4 years with her partner and son

Plus Size Travel Blogs

Bianca Karina– Biana is a plus size writer who covers topics from food to fashion to travel, sometimes all at once!

Kate McHugh Westfall– Kate is a plus size travel blogger from the US. She writes about international travel and body positivity.

Myles to Travel– Bisa is a plus-size traveler as well as a breast cancer survivor who traveling the world and truly living life to the fullest. She’s also a member of the Curvy Kili Crew!

Voyaging Vagabond– Chantel is a world traveler who writes tips about traveling as a plus-size girl

The Plus-Size Backpacker– This is a French/English blog that focuses exclusively on plus-size travel. A great resource!

Travel with Curves– Jen is a fellow curvy gal who has PCOS like me. She often features other plus-size bloggers on her website so she’s definitely worth following if you’re looking to find more plus-sized travelers.

Useful Travel Websites

Expatisan Cost of Living Calculator– Compare the cost of living between 2 cities and contribute information about the city you’re currently living in.

Longest Way Home– Andrew is probably one of the more extreme long-term travelers and it’s really admiring. I love his blog but he has so many great resources on his website too.

Unearth the World– A new volunteer travel organization started in 2012 by Kathryn and Mike Pisco that focuses on ethical travel. Really they are the middle man in setting up travelers with reputable organizations in select countries and much of your fees go directly to the organization, not Unearth the World.

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  1. Thanks so much for including my little blog on your list. Pretty soon you are going to be considered an expat blogger as well- so exciting!

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