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A couple of weeks ago I had purchased tickets to the Book of Mormon for Brandon’s 30th birthday.  Tickets for this show weren’t cheap but we had been wanting to see this musical for over a year so I felt it was a perfect time to splurge on them and go see the show.Brandon and I love seeing Broadway shows, particularly musicals.  In NYC we’ve seen West Side Story and the Lion King and we also caught a performance of Les Miserables in Providence, RI.  The Book of Mormon topped them all.

Book of Mormon review
Getting ready to see the Book of Mormon!

Usually when we go see a musical we already know the story plot because we enjoy seeing the classics.  This time, though, we had no idea what the storyline was.  What we got was a show that was 100 times better than we hoped for!

The Book of Mormon is about two young men who, at the age of 19, are sent on their 2-year mission to Uganda to spread the word of God.  The villagers they meet, however, are so far from Christians it’s appalling and is certainly a wake-up call for a pair of Mormons who were sheltered all their lives.  What results is an uproariously funny musical that illustrates the young men trying to convert the villagers to their religion and the villagers’ completely inaccurate interpretation of the Book of Mormon.

Brandon and I were in tears from laughing so hard.  Which, I’m afraid to admit, probably just secured me a spot in hell for finding this musical funny.  The Book of Mormon touches on so many taboo subjects, both within the Mormon religion as well as in Africa.  Things like homosexuality in the Mormon church, AIDS and even female circumcision.

Brandon and I spent $20 on a program but they give you a small free program inside the theatre with the bios of the cast.  The one we purchased detailed the making of the show and the development of the plots and songs.  If you buy this program DON’T open it until after the show!  It’s full of spoilers and the musical won’t be as funny if you read everything before watching it.

Book of Mormon Review
The view of the theatre. You can probably see Brandon sitting in the back of orchestra

The Verdict:  We paid $260 each for rear orchestra seats, thinking we would be getting great seats.  It turns out that the theatre (and most theatres in NYC I’ve learned) are quite small so all seats are pretty much good seats.  There’s no need to pay extra to get orchestra seats.  If we go to this show again in the future we’ll probably just get the cheap seats and I would feel confident that we’ll still enjoy ourselves just the same.

What to Bring:  Nothing!  I brought a camera but due to copyright laws you are not allowed to take pictures of the stage either before, during or after the show.  You can take pictures of the theatre though, which is why my pictures of the Book of Mormon are fairly boring.

Where to Eat: There is an Italian restaurant called Da Marino only a few hundred feet from the Eugene O’Neill Theatre that I highly recommend.  You can’t miss it, there’s a greeter standing outside and decorative steps down into the restaurant which is located in a basement area.  The food is authentic Italian food and the large Italian chef will even come out and give you better descriptions of the meals that the menu can’t fully illustrate.  Whether you have to go or not I suggest a trip to the bathroom, especially for the ladies.  I won’t spoil the surprise but it’s by far the coolest bathroom I’ve ever peed in.  That’s all I’m saying about that.

Book of Mormon Review

Child Friendly?  To say it’s not a musical for kids would be an understatement, nor is it for the super religious.  The Book of Mormon was written by the makers of South Park and even if you think your kids can handle the foul language and taboo subjects of that cartoon show doesn’t mean your kids can handle this show.  It’s not something I would recommend for any child under 16, or any adult over 70 for that matter.  The old gentleman sitting next to me in the theatre kept falling asleep and when Brandon and I would laugh at a particular song or line he would wake up and give us a nasty look.  Yea, this show isn’t for old people.

Pet Friendly?  No

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