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Georgetown Cupcakes

During our recent trip to Washington D.C. I was so looking forward to some shopping around historic Georgetown but I knew that the highlight of our trip there would be a stop by the popular Georgetown Cupcakes.  Having to narrow it down to just one flavor of cupcake would be a difficult task for me but I figured if we each chose a different flavor (Stink included) and we all shared then we could experience even more Georgetown Cupcake yumminess.

Georgetown Cupcakes

Georgetown Cupcakes is located on the corner of 33rd and M Street, right along the main shopping area.  I was told that the lines can be out the door on some occasions but was fairly short for us at 10 in the morning.  Perhaps it helped that it was a weekday in mid-December.  The store has very few tables indoors for seating and with a cumbersome jogging stroller we chose to eat outside.

Georgetown Cupcakes
Our flavor selection for the day
Georgetown Cupcakes

We only purchased 3 cupcakes which is just a fraction of the dozens of flavors they make.  Seasonal flavors are offered throughout the year in addition to the regular flavors and we ordered a white chocolate peppermint cupcake along with a strawberry one and chocolate & vanilla one (not to be confused with vanilla and chocolate which is technically the one I wanted).

Georgetown Cupcakes

Georgetown Cupcakes
Our delicious trio of cupcakes

We immediately devoured the peppermint and strawberry cupcakes and saved the chocolate one for later that evening.  Both Brandon and I enjoyed the strawberry cupcake the most and Stink just enjoys any opportunity to eat cake cake CAKE.  I had ordered a coffee to accompany my sweet breakfast but having a hot beverage in the cup holder of a jogging stroller whilst walking along cobblestone streets was not a smart decision.  And yet for some reason I made this mistake twice during our vacation.

The Verdict:  The cupcakes were fresh and moist and while I found the icing to be more flavorful than any I had ever eaten it was pretty sweet for one that generally prefers whipped icing.  With that said I would go again but to a location a little closer to home.  Boston, perhaps?

What To Get: I had originally wanted a vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing but mistakenly ordered the opposite.  Chocolate and Vanilla is chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing, Vanilla and Chocolate is the opposite.  Now you know.

Other Tips and Tricks: Don’t bother with paid parking garages ($21?!) or street parking along busy M Street.  Instead look for quiet street parking along the Georgetown Waterfront Park for only $2 per hour.

Georgetown Cupcakes
Georgetown Waterfront Park. Parking is right underneath the overpass

Child Friendly?  What kid wouldn’t enjoy cupcakes for breakfast?  Certainly not Stink.  We had to pry the strawberry one from her death grip just so we could get a taste of it.

Pet Friendly?  Georgetown is a wonderfully pet-friendly destination for eating and shopping and while we brought Oso with us we kept him outside with Brandon while Stink and I went inside the store to order.  In warmer weather you will find that many restaurants have outdoor seating where you can bring your pet.

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