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Below is my Almighty Travel Bucket List, started in 2012 and constantly evolving (feel free to make suggestions). I hope it will give you as much travel inspiration as it gives me!

  1. Ride in a hot air balloon
  2. See the Big 5 on an African safari (Done, March 2016!)
  3. Visit every continent in the world including Antarctica
  4. Visit “The Shire” in New Zealand
  5. Stay in a treehouse at an eco-resort
  6. Take a cruise on a sailboat (Done! A windjammer cruise in October 2012)
  7. Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon…and back up!
  8. Travel solo on an international trip (Done! I met with a women’s group in Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro but my travel to and from the country was solo as well as most of my safari after the climb)
  9. Visit the Redwood Forest in California
  10. Visit Crater Lake in Oregon
  11. See a grizzly bear in the wild
  12. Attend an Olympics event
  13. Walk along the Great Wall of China
  14. See the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia
  15. Live abroad for at least one year
  16. Visit an elephant sanctuary in Thailand
  17. Take a cooking class
  18. Fly first class on an international trip (Done! All three of us rode first class on a short flight to Costa Rica)
  19. Spend the night in a medieval castle
  20. Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef
  21. Take a transatlantic cruise
  22. See the Northern Lights
  23. Visit Japan during cherry blossom season
  24. Have a few beers at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
  25. Visit the ruins of Pompeii
  26. Ride a gondola in Venice
  27. Visit Dracula’s castle in Romania
  28. See the ancient city of Petra in Jordan
  29. Get mehndi body art in India
  30. See the Taj Mahal
  31. Visit the major historic sites in Washington, D.C. (Done! November 2017)
  32. Camp in the Amazon jungle (Done! July 2012)
  33. Go whitewater rafting on a Class 5 river (Brandon and I are debating about whether we’ve already accomplished this. He says we’ve already rafted through a Class V rapid, I seem to remember that they were all Class IV. So this isn’t crossed off until I go through a Class V and actually remember it)
  34. Go fishing for piranha and eat our catch (Done! July 2012)
  35. Learn to fly fish
  36. Stay in an overwater bungalow (like this)
  37. Become fluent in a foreign language
  38. Visit Machu Picchu (Done! July 2008)
  39. Visit the Swiss Alps
  40. Volunteer abroad (Done! July 2008, though I plan to do this many more times)
  41. Help someone else complete an item from their bucket list (Done! May 2016 I took my mom to England and Scotland)
  42. Climb Mt. Fuji, preferably by my 35th birthday (Done, not Mount Fuji but Mount Kilimanjaro which is WAY harder)
  43. Visit all the states in the U.S.
  44. Read a novel in a foreign language
  45. See a Broadway play (Done many times! Check out my review on the Book of Mormon)
  46. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
  47. Take a round-the-world trip
  48. Take a cross-country road trip (Done, twice! Here’s Part One and Part Two of my 2010 cross-country road trip)
  49. Float in the Dead Sea
  50. Host a foreign exchange student
  51. Kiss Brandon at the top of the Eiffel Tower
  52. Eat at one of the world’s best restaurants
  53. Complete the world’s largest commercially available jigsaw puzzles at 32,000 pieces (hey, I have other hobbies besides traveling!)
  54. Stay in an ice hotel or glass igloo
  55. Visit the Neuschwanstein Castle and Hofbrau House in Germany (Done in May 2015! Read here about our experience at Neuschwanstein)
  56. Kayak at night in bioluminescent waters
  57. Visit Yellowstone National Park


  1. I think you are wonderful. However, you can’t really get a “henna tattoo” in India unless you are in a Western-oriented tourist area where the people who work there are replicating Venice Beach for the tourists. In other words, “henna tattoos” are of Western origin. Instead, henna is used for what is called mehndi, which is the name for the intricate designs which are drawn onto women’s hands, arms, and sometimes feet and lower legs before a wedding. There is usually an entire evening devoted to mehndi for the bride’s side in South Asian wedding rituals. Might I suggest an alternative for your bucket list might be to be to attend an Indian wedding? They are pretty spectacular, and often a thousand people may be invited. You may even find yourself with an invitation from an American South Asian Indian family! Indian weddings are just as fun in the U.S.!

  2. Visit Patagonia!! Totally worth it

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