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Job hunting is the worst. Nothing is a bigger disappointment than rejection after rejection for jobs you think are a perfect fit. For the past 2 months that’s ALL we’ve been experiencing.

Since this is Brandon’s first time job hunting I’m helping him out as much as I can. I’ve been researching the cost of living in various cities and countries, translating his American resumé into a German CV and finding the best job boards for each country we’re interested in moving to. It’s a ton of work.

That’s why each time he gets turned down for a job it’s an emotional blow for both of us. Just last night he applied for almost a dozen jobs and within 12 hours had gotten rejections from 2 of them. It’s enough to make us consider giving up.

These past 8 weeks have made us realize that Brandon is unlikely to get a job overseas, at least for the time being. He’s making a career change by applying for software positions and nobody seems to be willing to sponsor an entry level candidate.

So what does that mean?

It means that now we’re going to have to do some job hunting in the US. The good news is that he can apply for positions more closely related to what he did in the military along with entry-level software jobs to increase his chance of snagging an interview. A degree from Norwich University can aid in getting into a career as a military analyst. Brandon is still going to apply for some jobs overseas but only with military contractors that could use his expertise. But if Trump keeps his promise to implement a hiring freeze on federal workers and/or reduce the cost of the military then that career path is gone.

I’m pretty bummed that our dream of living abroad is disappearing. Still, we do have a window of opportunity for some long-term travel this year. We talked about spending 3 months abroad after Brandon graduates but before he starts his job. I’ve been researching cheap countries to live in; Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain, Greece and Czechia are all topping the list. We also discussed spending just one month in a more expensive city like Vienna and taking intensive German language courses.

Of course this all depends on Brandon having a job for when we get back and there’s the rub. Where is that elusive job? Where are we going to be living in 4 months? For the sake of my sanity I hope we find the answer to that question soon.

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