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Disney half marathon

For a long time I’ve always had this goal of accomplishing something incredible before my 35th birthday. I don’t know why I chose 35, it might be because I was too busy trying to make babies at 30 and felt that I would be too old by 40 to do anything I could truly be proud of. So I stuck with 35. My first goal was to climb Mount Fuji, then Stink was born and our international travels took a backseat. I thought about biking the EuroVelo with a husband and daughter in tow but that would take months. Then I thought to myself “What could I accomplish in a day or a weekend that would also be family-friendly?”

RunDisney, Walt Disney World’s annual marathon events. Or should I say half-marathon because that’s what I’m going to do.

That’s right, y’all. I’m going to run a Disney half marathon.

I visited with my family during our last trip to Orlando and convinced my older sister to join the half-marathon with me. I’m afraid she’ll cop out on me by the end of the year but if she does then I’ll just publicly shame her on my blog and never let her live it down.

I’m honestly pretty nervous about this race. I think the last time I actually ran a mile (or close to it) was in high school and now I’m planning to run 13.1 miles. In a row. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been on a treadmill only once in the past year even though we have a perfectly good one sitting in our basement. I did, however, sign up for a gym membership at Planet Fitness last month and I’m ready to start training this week.

But Rome wasn’t build in a day, amiright? I’ve got roughly 10.5 months to get ready for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in late February. Here’s my plan of action:

Start Eating Healthy(ier)

Done. I’ve started using MyFitnessPal again and even though I don’t log everything I eat I am keeping track of it in my head and I log my weight on a weekly basis. I’m not going all vegan or anything but I am eating vegetables more than once a month. Baby steps, people.

Get to the Gym

My new gym is 2 miles from my house but I’ve made excuses for the past month not to go so it hasn’t happened yet. No more! I’m going to make time to work out at least 2-3 times a week starting this week. I promise.

Start the Couch 2 5K

I’m going to start the C25K a couple weeks after I get into a routine at the gym. It won’t be the only thing I do there, I still need to lift weights, but it’s going to be the real start to my running.

Run a 5K

This will be a good indicator of how far I’m coming along in my training and whether I can meet the minimum pacing requirements of the half-marathon (a 16-minute mile). I haven’t picked out a 5K yet but it will just be a local one, maybe a benefit race or something. Perhaps I can even talk some of my friends into joining me, or make new running friends!

Start the RunDisney Training

If I can do a 16-minute mile consistently for the 5K then I’ll register for the half-marathon and start training with RunDisney’s program until February

Run a 10K

In the fall or early winter I’ll run a 10K as part of my training, just for fun and to make sure I’m on track. This one will be all about pacing and making sure I can go the distance.

Run That Disney Half-Marathon Like a Boss

And before you know it the big day will be here! Crowds will be cheering me on, well maybe not cause the race starts at 5:30 am. But I’ll be at that starting line pumped and ready to make this race my bitch.

After all my training I bet those first few miles will fly by.

Starting around mile 5 I might start to get a little winded but I’ll just have to remind myself that slow and steady wins finishes the race. It’s all about getting to that finish line.

Around the 10th mile I’ll probably be going slower now. I might even be walking most of the way. Faster runners might start passing me by.

But finally, FINALLY, I will push myself across that finish line, greet my family and receive my participation medal.

And then I’ll realize how ridiculously easy that was and sign up for a full marathon the next year!

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