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I think it’s safe to say that this summer will go down in history as The Longest Summer Ever.  I schlepped my kid to more play dates than I can remember and there were still days when I heard “Mom, I’m SOOOOOOO bored.”

Needless to say I’ve been counting down the days for school to start.

But even though I was eagerly waiting for summer to be over I also wanted to do something to end this Very Boring Summer on a high note.  What better way to do that than to take Stink to her first Medieval Times Dinner Tournament.

Medieval Times holds some very fond memories for me.  My first time attending a show was with my high school marching band and I still remember it to this day.  So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that we’re now living relatively close to one in Baltimore, Maryland!

medieval times review

Medieval Times Review

The Maryland Medieval Times show is located inside the Arundel Mills mall.  While that may not seem practical it actually is.  It’s easy to find and there are plenty of shops to explore while you wait for your check-in time.  There’s even a kid’s play space right next to the Medieval Times entrance so your little ones can work up an appetite before the show!

The castle opens up about 75 minutes prior to the start of each show.  I highly recommend getting there early!  The knights and queen do a small processional in the mall before opening up the “gates” and it helped get Stink excited for what was in store.  Checking in early also means you have time to browse the gift areas, meet The Queen, grab a drink at the bar or visit the gruesome dungeon.

Stink was definitely not old enough to explore the dungeon
But she was thrilled to meet the queen!

Once you’ve had time to fully explore the castle take a look at the flags above the doors to the arena.  The flags that match the colors on your crown will indicate which doors you need to enter through.

Each section of the Medieval Times arena is color-coded to match the colors of the knights.  Our family would be cheering for the Black and White knight!  But first, food.  Our jovial waiter arrived and helped get us all in the mood for the show as he served us our first dish: “dragon’s blood”.  Or tomato bisque soup, your pick.

And in keeping with the theme of the show there was not an eating utensil in sight!  That’s right, the dinner part of the Medieval Times dinner show is all about eating with your hands!  Brandon and I were a little nervous about how Stink would handle this messy way of eating but she fully embraced it as part of the experience and we had no problems.  But if your little one simply refuses to eat without a fork then fear not!  Medieval Times isn’t that medieval and they do have utensils on hand for those who need it.  Or you can request the vegetarian option that comes with hummus and carrot sticks for dipping.

medieval times review
Stink fully embraced the no-utensil rule!

The next two hours were filled with breathtaking horsemanship, falconry, jousting and sword fighting.  Stink was mesmerized, especially during the falconry demonstration as the bird swooped over our heads and around the arena.  She cheered for the Black and White knight as he won one competition after another, tossing flowers to the ladies in our section of the arena.  Stink was so engaged in the dinner show that Brandon and I bought her a flag to wave for her beloved knight.

medieval times review
Stink loved the falcon flight and we got to meet the bird up close before the show
medieval times review
Meeting our new falcon friend before the show

The show concluded with an epic sword fight between the Black and White knight and the Green knight to see who would be The Queen’s Champion.  And as luck (and skill) would have it, our knight was victorious!  It was a wonderful end to a fun-filled evening.

The Verdict: I would highly recommend the Medieval Times Dinner Show!  Stink is almost 7 and this was the perfect age for her first visit.  The only negative part of our experience is that we sometimes had a hard time following the plot due to the actor’s accents and the noise in the arena.  However that was a minor part of the overall show and we still had a memorable time.

How to Get There: Medieval Times is located on the south side of Baltimore, MD, in the Arundel Mills mall.  If you are coming from out of town be sure to leave early!  Traffic around DC, Maryland, and northern Virginia can be notoriously bad.  And since there’s so much to enjoy besides the show you will want to allow plenty of time for that as well!

Ways to Save:  There are plenty of ways to save on Medieval Times tickets!  The company offers military and group discounts as well as free admission on your birthday.  Just sign up through their website, bring a parent or other adult to Medieval Times on your birthday and you get in free!

Child Friendly?  Absolutely!  Medieval Times is suitable for kids of all ages.  And your little knight or princess is welcome to come in a costume as well.  We saw kids as well as adults dressed up in renaissance attire for the event!

Medieval Times provided Travel Fearlessly with complimentary tickets in exchange for a review about our experience.  As always, all opinions expressed in this blog are my own.

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Medieval Times Dinner Tournament. Jousting, sword fighting, horsemanship and falconry! This article provides a comprehensive review with tips for first time visitors #medievaltimes #familytravel

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