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Ring of Kerry vs Dingle Peninsula

When I was planning our trip to Ireland I knew that the Ring of Kerry would be on our itinerary.  I mean, how could you go to Ireland and not see one of the most scenic drives in the country?  But after a few weeks of doing research I discovered other scenic loops such as the Slea Head Drive on Dingle Peninsula.

Since we were going to Ireland for 12 days we could afford to add both loops to our list.  Unfortunately not everyone has that opportunity and many visitors have to decide which one they see on their trip.  In this post I’ll outweigh the pros and cons of each loop so hopefully the decision will be easier to make.

Can't decide which area of Ireland to explore? This article discusses the pros and cons of the Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula
I took this photo on the Dingle Peninsula

Our Itinerary

Brandon and I spent roughly 3 days on the two loops.  Our journey began in Killarney where we arrived at about 10 am after spending a night in Kinsale.  The whole day there was spent at the Killarney National Park where many of the main attractions for the Ring of Kerry are located.  The next day we drove the rest of the Ring of Kerry, starting clockwise down N71.  We didn’t fully complete the loop but headed straight to Dingle once we passed through Killorglin.

Many travelers choose to stay in Killarney or Kenmare before starting the Ring of Kerry.   We stayed in Killarney with a short evening trip to Kenmare for dinner and some shopping.  The choice is up to you; both towns are picturesque with plenty of shops and restaurants.

We drove the Ring of Kerry for scenery and didn’t stop at any of the historic sites along the way, having seen all the major attractions we were interested in the day before.  Because of this we arrived in Dingle quite early, at about 2 pm.  We got settled in at our B&B and spent the evening at Murphy’s Pub in Dingle, enjoying a few drinks and a trad session.  The next day our fishing trip was cancelled due to high winds so we spent the day traveling along the Slea Head Drive loop, stopping at Gallarus Oratory, a historic structure that’s believed to be a church built in the 9th century.

Best for Scenery: Dingle Peninsula

In my opinion the Dingle Peninsula handily beats the Ring of Kerry when it comes to beautiful scenery.   The coastline is closer to the road, the farms are more grassy and hilly and everything looks more green.  I’ll admit that my opinion may be a little biased because it was cloudier on our drive along the Ring of Kerry but Dingle really is a beautiful part of Ireland.

Ring of Kerry vs Dingle Peninsula
Along the Ring of Kerry
Ring of Kerry vs Dingle Peninsula
Along the Dingle Peninsula

Best for Activities: Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry certainly has more historic sites and activities along the way than Dingle Peninsula.  However Dingle has better pubs and music which was a huge part of our trip.  Aside from all the activities in Killarney National Park alone, the Ring of Kerry takes you by other places of interest like Derrynane House and Ballycarbery Castle.  You can also make a side trip to the UNESCO site of Skellig Michael.

Ring of Kerry vs Dingle Peninsula
Ross Castle in Killarney National Park

The Slea Head Drive simply has the Gallarus Oratory plus numerous tiny towns for food, shopping and music.  We stopped at a farmer’s land and paid a few Euros to visit some beehive huts up on the hill.  It was a great choice as we were rewarded with an unspoiled  view of the ocean.  Unfortunately I don’t recall exactly where this farmer was located.  All I remember is that it was along the main road before the town of Dunquin.

Gallarus Oratory
Gallarus Oratory
Ring of Kerry vs Dingle Peninsula
The awesome view from a farmer’s land near Dunquin

Shortest Loop: Dingle Peninsula

The Slea Head Drive loop is 47 km long, roughly 1/4 the length of the Ring of Kerry.  We took a half day to drive each loop but we stopped more along the Slea Head Drive than along the Ring of Kerry.  Keep in mine that tour buses drive the Ring of Kerry in a counter-clockwise fashion.  Since we were driving clockwise we began to meet them about halfway through our trip.

Ring of Kerry vs Dingle Peninsula
A beautiful view of Dingle Peninsula

Smallest Crowds: Dingle Peninsula

There weren’t nearly as many tour buses along the Slea Head Drive as there were on the Ring of Kerry.  This can be both a pro and a con for each of the loops.  If you’re doing a self-drive and want to avoid the crowds then Dingle Peninsula would definitely fit the bill.  If you’re not renting a car then the Ring of Kerry would have more options for your itinerary and budget.

Ring of Kerry vs Dingle Peninsula
Few cars at a scenic stop in Dunquin

All in all we enjoyed the Dingle Peninsula much more than the Ring of Kerry.  If you have time then do both and see for yourself.  If you only have 2 or 3 days to spend in this part of Ireland then try spending 1 night in Killarney to see the attractions at Killarney National Park and then the next day head straight to Dingle Peninsula.  You’ll still be traveling some of the Ring of Kerry along N72 as you head toward Dingle.  We stayed at a B&B in Ventry and we loved the tiny town with plenty of shops and pubs for us to enjoy.  The more popular town of Dingle was right up the road.

There’s a few other scenic drives in Ireland worth checking out such as the Connemara Loop (which we also did) and the Beara Peninsula in the south (which we didn’t do).  Seeing everything that Ireland has to offer can’t possibly be done in one trip.  Just narrow down what is most important to you and decide which area of the country best fits that.

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  1. What a beautiful place. There are so many treasures in the world and it’s up to us to go and discover them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dingle Peninsula looks amazing, the colors are just to alive! Beautiful contrast between the sky, the green and the sea! Love it!

  3. I am planning this trip for April 2016 and we are reviewing our plans. Would you tell how much time did you take for Ring of Kerry?
    Thank you

    • We spent about 1.5 on the Ring of Kerry, a full day in Killarney National Park and then a half day driving the rest of the ring. We didn’t stop too much though, just for a few pictures on the side of the road at scenic spots. If there are things you want to see or do along the ring then you could easily spend 2 full days on it. I do recommend spending a full day in Killarney National Park though, it’s so beautiful and there is so much to see!

  4. What a helpful article! I have 7 days in Ireland and was trying to figure our which route to take.. Dingle or Kerry. I’ve decided.. Dingle for the win!

  5. Glad you got to see the Ring of Kerry and The Dingle Penninsula, both beautiful spots in my opinion. I may be a little biased as I grew up just off the Ring of Kerry. If you venture off the Ring you will find the Skellig ring ,with magnificent views of the Skellig islands a georgous sandy beach in Ballinskelligs with a beachside cafe and pub on the beach, as well as a chocolate factory and a surfing beach at St. Finians Bay ,superb views from Geoghan cliffs on Valentia island excellent seafood in Portmagee village,ancient Ring forts outside Cahirciveen, and so much more. If you have limited time Skelligs Ring might be an alternative option. It is a little over an hour from Killarney, going through Killorglin , Glenbeigh and Caherciveen.

    • I really wanted to see Skellig Michael on our trip but it had to be cancelled along with a few other coastal activities we had planned because of the high winds. In fact there was an elderly woman who was knocked to the ground at the Cliffs of Moher when we were there!

  6. Life is short…. Do both!

  7. […] but this post from Travel Fearlessly does a great job of showcasing the differences between the Ring of Kerry and the Dingle Peninsula. If you can only squeeze in one, be sure to check it out! And if you are up for a rocky boat ride, […]

  8. We have visited the Ring of Kerry and Dingle peninsula and we prefered the second one.
    In ring of Kerry we drove thru the Skelling ring at the end of the peninsula and stop at the windy but beautifil Kerry cliffs.

  9. Thank you for doing this comparison! We are planning are 5/6 day trip to Ireland and have been told to check out the Ring of Kerry. That would mean spending a lot of time in the car and feeling kind of rushed. I think we’re going to try to do the Dingle Peninsula instead. Because it’s shorter and because you mentioned a more scenic drive. And less crowds!

    Thank you!

  10. Great article! We are planning a trip to Ireland this summer and will be traveling in a 20’ motorhome. I’ve been told the Dingle Peninsula road is very narrow but do you think we would be able to travel the road in the motorhome? Thanks in advance.

    • Well tour buses do it all the time but the roads are REALLY narrow. You may find yourself driving a little in both lanes so just be conscious of that when you have an oncoming car

  11. I did the Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula tour two weeks ago. The views are breathtaking, the grasses so green on the mountain sides, healthy looking cattle’s grazing along the way…everything I saw was just perfect! It’s noticeable though that roads on Dingle are much narrower.

  12. I’ve been to Ireland 15 times and have seen many beautiful sights and the people are the absolute best !!! I drove the ring of Kerry once and wouldn’t do it again as I found it to busy and touristy, I’ve been to Slea head many time and would highly recommend Dingle penn as a must see – I learned to drive on the left on the tiny back roads of Dingle and shocked a local man from the North who was my passenger in Antrim in traffic on a “semi” narrow road up there, it was a highway compared to dingle roads…I can still see him hanging on to the door handle and seat

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