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flytographer review

Almost everyone I know collects something on their travels around the world: magnets (the first thing I started collecting), jewelry, shot glasses, t-shirts, artwork or currency.  But all those things take up space in your suitcase and either wind up in a box in the closet or collecting dust on a shelf at home.  While I currently just collect postcards for my Postcrossing hobby and Christmas ornaments I’ve always been searching for a more unique souvenir to collect on our family adventures, one that won’t take up so much space.

That’s when I found Flytographer *cue angel music*

Flytographer is a match-making website that sets you, the traveler, up with your perfect photographer mate for a memorable photo session in the city that you’re visiting.  It’s genius, really, I don’t know why I didn’t think of something like that.  Flytographer is so easy to use: simply pick the city that you’re traveling to, peruse the photographers until you find one whose style fits your needs and book.  Done!

flytographer review
Flytographer is super easy to use

Since our family was traveling all over Great Britain I was able to choose between Edinburgh or London.  I ended up choosing London because we were going to be in that city longer and it would be easier to squeeze in a photography session during our stay.  Unfortunately I also thought it would be a GREAT idea to book our photo session for the day we arrived in London.

Flytographer Tip #1: Never book a photo session the same day you get off an airplane.

Despite notifying our hotel that we would be arriving early (8 am) and offering to pay to check in early we ended up having to wait till after 1 pm to check into our room.  I rested my head on the comfy hotel pillow for just a few minutes and an hour later I’m jostled awake with just TEN MINUTES to get ready before our photographer was due to arrive.

Flytographer Tip #2: If you take a nap before your photography session be sure to set an alarm.  Do not rely on your spouse to wake you up!

There’s currently 12 Flytographer photographers for London and my mom and I pored over each portfolio, comparing photos we really liked.  She and I both settled on Rajesh because his style was casual, he had a lot of experience working with families and he was very familiar with the area we wanted to visit for our photo shoot.

flytographer review
Rajesh behind his magic lens

Before our session Rajesh went over what we were looking for (we like candid photos!), where we wanted to go (Big Ben! Parliament!) and what kind of questions we had (Do these jeans make my butt look big?).  We booked the one-hour photo session which gave us the option of getting two locations; we chose Big Ben and the London Eye.  Having a 3 year old meant we still needed to bring a backpack with essentials like snacks, drinks, a spare change of clothes and of course Tigger.  Unfortunately a big backpack doesn’t look too flattering in photos so Rajesh offered to be the pack mule and carried Stink’s backpack all through London while snapping photos of us.  If that’s not a good photographer I don’t know what is!

Rajesh led us along the Thames River for most of our photos, capturing adorable photos of Stink doing somersaults in a flower bed and getting great family photos of all of us.

flytographer review
Rajesh worked hard to get the perfect photo

I really wanted some good photos of me and my mom and Rajesh didn’t disappoint.  I really REALLY wanted a photo of me, Stink and my mom together but Stink is a daddy’s girl and the one below with her camera was the best one we could get.  Maybe next time we’ll get one of her face!

flytographer review
Image courtesy of Rajesh with Flytographer
flytographer review
Image courtesy of Rajesh with Flytographer

Our photo session with Rajesh ended at the London Eye and we parted ways with a promise that he’ll start working on our photo edits that night.  I pre-booked a ride on the huge ferris wheel as a bribe for Stink’s cooperation.  Constantly reminding her about it helped prevent at least five meltdowns.

Flytographer Tip #3: Bribery is a perfectly acceptable tool for a kid’s smile.  Or an adult’s for that matter.

flytographer review

After our shoot it was less than a week before we were viewing our photos.  In fact we were still on vacation when we got the email!  My mom and I sat in our hotel room and ooh’ed and ahh’ed over every one.  Even though our package only included 30 digital photos Rajesh included a couple extra because so many of them turned out great.

Flytographer review
This is one of my favorite photos! Image courtesy of Rajesh with Flytographer

Flytographer is extremely popular with couples for proposal and honeymoon photos but it’s becoming increasingly popular for family vacations as well.  And why not?  It’s a great way to capture those annual family photos.  And with Flytographer covering over 50 cities in the USA and Canada you don’t even have to travel that far (or travel at all!).

I am SO in love with our pictures from London that I’m sure we’ll be making Flytographer a part of our future vacations.  In fact we have plans to visit Cancun next summer with more of our family.  I can definitely see a beach photo session popping up on our itinerary!

flytographer review
Photo courtesy of Rajesh with Flytographer

The Verdict: In my opinion Flytographer is well worth the money spent for quality vacation photos and they make the process so much easier than seeking out a local photographer and booking yourself.  It’s easy to compare portfolios between photographers and the photos posted on the website also provide ideas for your own session.  If you’ve never used Flytographer before you can click here for my referral link which gives you $25 off your first Flytographer shoot (I’ll receive a $25 credit as well).

Tips and Tricks:  For families visiting London I highly recommend getting photos taken around Big Ben and the London Eye.  The aquarium is right next to the ferris wheel and there’s also a huge playground and carousel in the area.  It’s a great place to end a photo shoot and gives children a nice treat to enjoy after all the posing and pictures!

Good to Know: Flytographer can book photo sessions as short as 30 minutes but some of their photographers (such as Rajesh) require a minimum booking session of one hour.

I received a discounted photography package from Flytographer in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

flytographer review


  1. What a neat idea! I had never heard of flytographer.

    • It’s convenient but a lot of other sites exists that give you access to the same photographers (or better) for cheaper…. and the local photographer gets paid fairly, like on for example 🙂

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