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We are an energetic and fast-growing family travel blog that is geared toward family-friendly, pet-friendly, plus-size and multi-generational travel.  Our readers are looking for ideas and inspiration for their future vacations as well as tips for saving the most amount of money while on holiday.

Travel Fearlessly welcomes any partner opportunity so please don’t hesitate to ask!

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Travel Fearlessly has a wide audience of readers from around the globe.  Whether you’re interested in working with me on a press trip, guest post, product review or giveaway I would be happy to partner with you.  All reviews on Travel Fearlessly are honest and candid and any sort of compensation (monetary or otherwise) will be clearly noted to my readers.  Here are a few ways that you can partner with us:

  • Press Trips: We love to travel and are always seeking our next family adventure.  We happily accept press trips, whether it be local or overnight, and would collaborate with you on a review and exposure on social media.
  • Guest Posts: If you are a fellow travel blogger who would like to write a post for Travel Fearlessly’s readers please email me!  Guest posts are limited to family and plus size travel.
  • Giveaways: We welcome any travel-related prizes or giveaways on our site in exchange for promotion about your product and company.
  • Site Advertisement: Travel Fearlessly has a dedicated section of our sidebar for advertisements, available for rental in one-week or one-month increments.  Fellow bloggers are welcome to apply too!

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    1. Hello,

      We’re getting ready for a England and Scotland trip with a 2 year old and just found your itinerary. Were you guys able to stick to your itinerary and would you still recommend it? We’re also going for 2 weeks. Our main concern is that our toddler has a happy experience, so we don’t mind going slow.

      Did you bring your own child seat or was one provided with the car rental? I’ve read that driving is not recommending in larger cities like Edinburgh, as traffic and parking can be quite problematic. Thoughts? Did you guys rent manual or automatic? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

      • Hi Tom, we weren’t able to do as much on our itinerary because it turns out that it takes much MUCH longer to drive in England than we anticipated. The speed limit may be 50 kmph but when it’s a winding road with stone walls on either side then the fastest we’re going is 40. But the activities we were able to do were all great.

        We brought our car seat because 1) it was cheaper and 2) after renting a car seat in Iceland that was questionable we thought it would be our best bet. The only complaint was lugging the darn thing through the airport. We didn’t drive in London or Edinburgh, we used public transport. We stayed in Dunblane outside Edinburgh and took the train in, a straight shot and only about 15 minutes.

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