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kid friendly souvenirs nepal

Nepal is certainly a traveler’s paradise with its friendly locals, affordable prices and sweeping views of the Himalayas.  And whether you’re an adventurous family or a doting relative there are plenty of child friendly souvenirs to bring home with you.  Here’s a list of my 8 favorite kid friendly souvenirs to buy in Nepal. 1. […]

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve returned from my trip to Nepal and I’ve finally finished processing enough of my experience to write it down.  While it was a wonderful trip it was a far cry from the expectations I’ve built up of Everest Base Camp over the last year.  So naturally I […]

everest base camp itinerary

With less than 7 months to go till I get to Nepal I thought I’d start researching the daily itinerary for my trek to Everest Base Camp.  BIG mistake.  For some reason I thought the trek was roughly 70km long, a little more than Kilimanjaro.  I’ve read that of the two treks the EBC is […]