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I’m a true kid at heart and for the past few years I’ve wanted to dress up at Disney World but never really had the opportunity.  So when we visited Orlando with Charlotte’s birth parents (who are also big Disney fans) I knew this would be the perfect chance for some cosplay.  But since actual cosplay isn’t allowed at Disney parks we had to get a little creative.  That’s when I decided to dive into the world of Disneybounding.

So what IS Disneybounding exactly?  Disneybounding is the art of coordinating ordinary street clothes and accessories to depict your favorite Disney characters.  It can be obvious or subtle, dressy or casual.  It’s whatever you want it to be!

Meg is a huge fan of The Little Mermaid and since there are a lot of main characters in the movie we decided to go with that.  Our group of five had no problems figuring out which characters we would portray.  Meg would be Ariel, Lino would be Prince Eric, I would be Ursula, Brandon would be Sebastian and Charlotte would be Flounder.  Dressing up as a fish didn’t sit well with Charlotte, who wanted to be a princess, but it all worked out in the end and she received so much attention for her adorable and creative outfit.

All the adults in our group are plus size but we were still able to find plenty of clothing options to complete our outfits.  Here’s a detailed list of where we got our clothes and how we pulled them all together to create an amazing group of Little Mermaid characters.

plus size disneybounding little mermaid

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Plus Size Disneybounding Little Mermaid

Dressing up as Ariel offers a TON of options.  You can go with a purple top and teal bottom and go as Mermaid Ariel or dress in black and light blue and go as Human Ariel.  Meg went with Human Ariel.

She got a comfortable one-piece dress from Hot Topic who has a great selection of plus size clothing.  This dress also comes in standard sizes too.  Her leggings are from Torrid.

Meg accessorized with Ariel Mouse ears she got on Etsy from LeBownitte.    This purple/green theme would probably go better with a Mermaid Ariel outfit but finding Human Ariel Mouse ears was difficult.  The best alternative would be a floral Mouse ears design such as this one by SmallWorldEmporium.

Thinking about going as Mermaid Ariel instead?  Check out these mermaid leggings from Modcloth.  Pair them with a light purple shirt and you’re good to go!

plus size disneybounding ariel
A close up of Meg’s Mouse ears. Image courtesy of LeBownitte

Prince Eric

The guys were so easy to dress.  All Lino needed was a white collared shirt, blue pants and a red sash or belt.  Of course, this being Orlando, pants would not have been a wise choice so he went with shorts.  There are a ton of stores where you could find these clothes (or use what you already have!) but the specific shirt that Lino got can be found here and the shorts can be found here.


plus size disneybounding little mermaid

I had SO much fun dressing up as Ursula!  I found a cute skirted legging from Torrid (no longer available) and used a purple shirt that I already owned.  An Ursula earring and necklace set from Etsy were my main accessories (I got the 2″ necklace and 1″ earrings).  I also ordered some Ursula Mouse ears.  There are a ton of choices for Mouse ears on Etsy and all of them are unique.  To top off my outfit I wore bright red lipstick and red nail polish.

plus size disneybounding little mermaid
Loved my necklace and earring set! Image courtesy of CraftyFelix


Brandon’s Sebastian outfit was an easy choice but finding a shirt and pair of shorts in just the right shade was hard.  I wanted to go with two different shades of red and the light top/dark bottom order worked really well.  It was hardest to find the shorts but I finally located this pair at Kohl’s, along with a coordinating top.  I wish I had added something that was bright red, perhaps red sneakers or socks, but he loved his outfit and was comfortable all day.


plus size disneybounding flounder

Planning Charlotte’s outfit was fun too.  She already owned a yellow shirt but it was dark yellow so I bought a lighter shade at Kohl’s.  I also found a pair of bright blue shorts that perfectly matched Flounder’s colors.  I ordered her some Mouse ears on Etsy but unfortunately they didn’t arrive in time so my friend and I made a blue and yellow striped tutu at the last minute.  By the way, using glitter tulle was a terrible idea.  Her outfit was topped off with a Flounder purse I found on clearance at Target.  I brought some matching hair ribbons for her outfit but she vetoed them at the last minute.

Charlotte isn’t a girly girl but if she was I probably would have ordered her a Flounder dress from Etsy.  There are so many adorable options on there but I knew that she would be happier just wearing shorts and a shirt.

Disneybounding Tip:  If you purchase any accessories from Etsy be sure to order them at least one month before your trip.  Most Etsy shops make their products to order and they can take a couple weeks to complete.

Plus Size Disneybounding Tips

If you’re creating a very obvious Disneybound outfit (like we were) then try Torrid or Hot Topic.  Both stores have an enormous pop culture section with dresses and tops that come in a variety of sizes.  Cakeworthy is another great option with shirts and dresses up to size 4X and unique Disney accessories.  They also have lookbooks on their website if you need some Disneybounding inspiration.  For subtle and trendy Disneybound outfits check out ModCloth.  They have a huge selection of tops, bottoms and dresses in sizes that go up to 4X.

Accessories are the easiest and cheapest way to Disneybound.  A black choker paired with a light blue dress can complete a Cinderella look.  Yellow sunglasses and red shoes can make your Winne the Pooh outfit pop.  But while the obvious choice for finding accessories would be The Disney Store they tend to be way overpriced.  Cheaper alternatives can be found at places like Target and Etsy.

Whether you’re going on a cruise or hitting the theme parks Disneybounding is the perfect way to make your Disney vacation fun and unique!

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