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Hello and welcome to Travel Fearlessly! My name is Christa and this is a little space I carved out in the internet world to write about my travels. I live in a messy and chaotic house with my husband Brandon, 5 year old daughter Stink, Finnick kitty, doggo Minnie and a overly complicated saltwater tank. My writing focuses mainly on family, plus-size and multi-generational travel sprinkled with a little Disney magic.

I’m usually the vacation planner and Brandon and Stink are simply along for the ride. I’m also an avid couponer who LOVES saving money. I use an extensive list of reward programs, cash back credit cards and other savvy tricks to have affordable vacations without compromising on things we want to experience.

We enjoy all kinds of vacations, whether it’s staying in luxurious castles or sleeping in a tent in the Amazon jungle. I try to plan a little bit of everything in each trip we take; culture, adventure, relaxation and food are the things we enjoy the most. We’re willing to try anything once, twice if we really like it!

The Story Behind the Blog

The name Travel Fearlessly originated from another blog I had been writing since 2009, Fearlessly Infertile. It chronicled our struggles to start a family, the heartache of failed fertility treatments and miscarriages and the joy of becoming parents through domestic infant adoption.

In all honesty I wasn’t born a traveler. I grew up in the South, living in North Carolina for most of my life and never traveling too far from home. It wasn’t until I got married and moved to the West Coast that I began to enjoy visiting new places. Travel became our outlet during the first years of our marriage, a distraction from numerous fertility treatments and military deployments. After we had a few memorable trips under our belt I decided to start a fresh new blog, one about accomplishments instead of frustrations.  And that’s how Travel Fearlessly began.

A year later, in 2013, Stink was born and Travel Fearlessly officially switched to being a family travel blog. Becoming parents hasn’t lessened our wanderlust. If anything it has driven us to travel even more, showing Stink places that we’ve once visited and exploring new cities with her in tow.


  1. Heading to Germany will be such an amazing adventure! You can see Germany and then branch out from your home base! How fun!! Kids can learn so much from travel and I know Stink will be a great traveler!
    Natalie, The Educational Tourist

  2. How about applying for jobs that have offices abroad? My husband is a software engineer and we used to live in the SF Bay Area before we left of the big trip, so I know this is pretty common out there. Google, Facebook, and Slack are three companies I know that allow their employees to move around as their projects allow. Take care and good luck 🙂

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